Thursday, September 19, 2013

The 12 Days of Christmas vol 1 Rukes of Engagement by Kathi Macias

12 Day’s of Christmas Vol 1 Rules of Engagement
By: Kathi Macias

I fully enjoyed this short Christmas story by Kathi Macias. It’s a story of Christmas. Young Megan has to answer her boy friend of yes or no will she marry him.  Marty wants to tell everyone on Christmas Eve. Meagan isn’t sure, but Marty keeps pushing.  Every year Megan and her friends go to a veterans home to sing Christmas carols and have cookies and punch with the vets. Megan over heard  two vets talking and one mentioned “ rules of engagement “ .  Megan didn’t understand the term.  So she goes home and asked her mom what it meant and her mother told her it is a old war term.  I myself have never heard this term. So Megan decides to go back to the home to ask the vet.  What does he tell her?  What will her answer to Marty be about marriage?  Please get the story and find out. I found the book very entertaining looking forward to the next volume.

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