Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Babycakes by Mary Manners

When his sister dies in a tragic accident, crime-beat reporter and author Cade Magnusen becomes father, mother, and uncle to his four-year-old niece Gracie. Bitter over the loss, Cade can no longer stomach chasing the true crime stories that elevated him to the top of the New York Times bestseller list. When he hears of an opening for a community events reporter at the Angel Falls Trumpet, Cade grabs the chance to relocate to the quiet community of Heart's Haven.Emmy Lassiter loves ice cream—and children. Unfortunately, an accident has rendered her barren. She hides her grief at Babycakes, where she shares her love of sweets. The only mystery in Emmy's life—beside the uncertainty over her future with a family—is what brought new Heart's Haven neighbor, Cade Magnusen, to Angel Falls.When Cade drops by Babycakes to collect a feature story for the Trumpet, he and Emmy feel a quick and powerful connection. Can the pair trust God to move them from the past into a sweet and fulfilling future?


Mary Manners is a country girl at heart who has spent a lifetime sharing her joy of writing. She has two sons and a daughter, as well as three beautiful grandchildren. She currently lives along the sunny shores of Jacksonville Beach with her husband Tim. 

A former teacher as well an intermediate school principal, Mary spent three decades teaching math and English to students from kindergarten through middle grades. While growing up in Chicago and as a student at the University of Illinois, Mary worked her way through a variety of jobs including paper girl, figure skating instructor, pizza chef, and nanny. Many of these experiences led to adventures that may be found between the pages of her stories. Mary loves long sunrise runs—she’s completed three marathons—ocean sunsets and flavored coffee.
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My Review

I love Hearts  Haven! Such a magical place of love. Love to visit. Another great sweet romance by Mary Manners and her angels.  Cade Magnusen  life is turned upside down when his sister and husband are killed in a plane crash. Leaving behind a 4 year old daughter. Now he has to be mom and dad plus uncle to Gracie. Decides to leave New York to more a small town living. Hearts Haven where they go a job is waiting for Cade there.  Putting Gracie into private schooling while he works.  On first visit to a Saturday program he meets Emmy.  He is taken bu her but she lets him know she doesn't date. Well Cade isn't going to stop at that. He is a investigator and he will find out why she won't. I think it is going to be some over time work for the angels of Hearts Haven. Both are hiding something private in their lives once told can a relationship come of it?
Wonder story written by Mary Manners. Her stories are always clean and inspirational. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

The Heart - Shaped Life Daily Devotional by Karen Moore

What if you could see the world through the lens of the heart moment by moment?
What if God inspired you to walk “heart first” into every life event and circumstance, no matter what it was?
What if love was your number one priority? Love of God, love of others, and love of yourself? 

Inspired by 1 Corinthians 13:2: "If I had the gift of prophecy and knew all about what is going to happen in the future, knew everything about everything, but didn’t love others, what good would it do?" . . .the Heart-Shaped Life series will encourage you to live life “heart first.” 

The Heart-Shaped Life Daily Devotional provides refreshing thoughts, prayers, and scripture selections to help you discover the best path to the good life. . .which is all about LOVE!

My Review

The Heart Shaped Life Daily Devotional. Choosing a life of Steadfast Love one day at a time. This is a very inspirational book. I loved it!  What a awesome way to start your day!  Each day start off your day in God's word. First there is a verse then, a devotional that will go with the verse. Finally  there is a prayer to end it with. Isn't that awesome! We never be in prayer to much. The book has a very attractive cover and a bonus satin  ribbon to keep your place. From these little devotionals you can build up your spiritual life. Make the heart feel good. We are God's children and we are worth everything to Him. Keeping in His word we keep our spirit growing in Him. God tells us to love Him but not only Him everyone. Start the day off in a heartfelt mode, think you will see your day will run much smoother. Wonderful well written book. Karen Moore did a great job on it. 

Summer Dreams by Delia Latham

The Getaway Of A Lifetime...Kinda.

Summer Callihan isn't in Cambria for the beach or the ocean or the pine-scented air around Paradise Pines Lodge. She's there as a companion to her flighty cousin, Deah--with the understanding that they will have separate agendas the entire time. Summer just wants to be left alone to dream up the romance novels she writes under a pseudonym.

A Real-life Hero Who Rivals a Romance Novel...Really!

But never in Summer's wildest writer's imagination does she dream of being caught in an undertow and almost drowning, only to be rescued by a wealthy artist. And when Logan Bullard proves hard to shake, Summer fears for her heart--especially when Deah sets her sights on Logan.

A Cupid to pull it all together...?

But at Paradise Pines Lodge, what's meant to be has a way of the best time and in the best way. Miss Angelina Love--who may or may not own the place--has an "in" with Heaven's own "department of romance." And she's determined to see Summer and Logan together. 

Delia Latham is a born-and-bred California gal, currently living in a small Texas town with her husband Johnny. She’s a Christian wife, mother, grandmother, sister, and friend—but above all, she treasures her role as princess daughter to the King of Kings.
A former newspaper Staff Writer and frequent contributor to her hometown’s regional publication, Bakersfield Magazine, she has also freelanced projects to a public relations firm and various magazines; has compiled, edited, and designed cover art for various Kindness Incorporated projects; and sold greeting card verse. 
She loves hearing from her readers, so drop in and say hello at any of the venues listed below—you’ll make her day!

My Review

Summer Dreams book 2 in the Paradise Pines series. A cute love story from a sweet cupid Miss Angelina Love. Sounds like a heavenly name. Maybe a angel from Heaven. The characters are very well written. Love  Summer and Logan I feel like Miss Angelina they belong together. Summer is a writer away for a break to get a book written. Logan is a artist and lives there. He is very smitten by her. But someone else has their eyes on Logan also.  Logan has been having dreams for a long time about a beautiful girl along the beach dancing and praising the Lord. Then a wave comes and pulls her under. Will he make it to save her? 
Another great magical story written by Delia Latham. 

The Dandelion Patch by MaryAnn Diorio

When Yolanda Riggins discovers that the government plans to build a new highway through her beloved dandelion patch, she rises up in protest and asserts her God-given right to private ownership of property. Will she succeed against all odds to save her dandelion patch? Will tact, truth, and tough love win the day for Yolanda and the children who love her? Read this delightful book to find out.

Age level 5-12  Grade Level  K-6

Dr. MaryAnn Diorio is a follower of Jesus Christ who is passionate about writing compelling and entertaining fiction that transforms lives. Her fiction has won several awards, including the Silver Medal for eBook Fiction in the Illumination Book Awards Program sponsored by the Jenkins Group; First Place in Inspirational Fiction in the 2011 Colorado RWA Heart of the Rockies Contest; and First Place in Inspirational Fiction in the 2011 Space Coast Authors of Romance (STAR) Launching a Star Contest. 

Her latest work of fiction is a novel titled THE MADONNA OF PISANO. It is the first in the trilogy called THE ITALIAN CHRONICLES. 

MaryAnn also writes for children. Her latest children’s book is titled CANDLE LOVE and helps little ones cope with sibling rivalry. TOBY TOO SMALL is a story about a little boy who learns that it's not how big you are on the outside that matters; it's how big you are on the inside.

MaryAnn holds the PhD and the MPhil in French and Comparative Literature from the University of Kansas, the MA in Italian Language and Literature from Middlebury College, and the MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University. She writes a popular blog titled "Matters of the Heart" ( that, like her fiction writing, deals with the deepest issues of the human heart. She also writes a blog for teen girls called Gabriel Girls ( In her spare time, she loves to read, paint, and make up silly songs for her grandchildren.

Dr. MaryAnn resides in New Jersey with her husband Dom, a retired ER physician. They are the blessed parents of two wonderful daughters, a fantastic son-in-law, and five rambunctious grandchildren.

Contact info:
You may contact Dr. MaryAnn at the following social media venues:
Blog (Matters of the Heart):
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My Review

What a delightful story. Yolanda Riggins was determined no one was going to mess with her dandelion patch. Her patch was her special place.  She made lot of wonderful treats from the patch. She goes through many people to try to save it. Can she do it? I guess you will have to read it and find out. Great story for children ages 5-12. Very well illustrated. Loved all the bright colors.  

Monday, April 10, 2017

Home by Ginny L. Yttrup

Melanie runs away. From conflict. From pain. From reality. 
When novelist Melanie Vander faces a looming deadline, she decides it’s time for an escape to an inspiring, novel-worthy locale. She’s not running away. Really. She just needs time to focus. But as she disappears into her writing, she encounters a man whose tenderness leaves her reeling. Engaging and wise, psychologist Elliot Hammond tempts Melanie to question everything, including her marriage.

But that’s ridiculous. Dr. Hammond isn’t even…real.

Melanie’s husband, Craig, has his own problems, including a recession that’s threatening his business. Waning finances, a looming home foreclosure, and a wife who’s checked out emotionally, has Craig feeling as though he’s carrying his burdens alone. When his client, the beautiful and single Serena Buchanan, offers him a solution to his financial woes, he’s tempted by more than her offer of a business solution. 

At a crossroads, Melanie and Craig seem headed in opposite directions.

As Melanie runs away from her problems by escaping into her own fictional world, Craig dives into his struggles, seeking God for strength and healing for his marriage. Ultimately, Melanie must choose whether she’ll check out completely, or allow her characters to lead her home.


Ginny is the award-winning author of Words, Lost and Found, Invisible, Flames, and her most recent novel, Home, which releases April 1, 2017. She writes contemporary women's fiction and enjoys exploring the issues everyday women face. Publishers Weekly dubbed Ginny's work "as inspiring as it is entertaining." When not writing, Ginny coaches writers, critiques manuscripts, and makes vintage-style jewelry for her Esty shop, Storied Jewelry. She loves dining with friends, hanging out with her adult sons, or spending a day in her pajamas reading a great novel. Ginny lives in northern California with Bear, her entitled Pomeranian. To learn more about Ginny and her work, visit

My Review

I have never read a book by Ginny Yttrup but I sure will again.  This book was so good it was like reading 2 books into one. Once I started reading I couldn't put the book down. The characters are very developed. Watching Melanie's life come through the life of her character. By working together her and her friend Jill see their lives and what needs to change. Awesome story. 
"I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review."

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Once Upon A Time Holy Bible

The Bible is not a fairy tale. Every great story happened once upon a time.


The Bible is not a fairy tale, but every great story happened once upon a time. The NIrV Once Upon a Time Bible contains a presentation page and also highlights six great stories from the Bible on 24 full-color inserts. Each story is told on four pages in full-color, illustrated splendor. Also contains the complete New International Reader's Version (NIrV) of the Bible.

Stories include:

  • God Makes Man and Woman

  • Isaac and Rebekah

  • Ruth Finds Happiness

  • Queen Esther

  • Mary and Joseph and an Angel

  • He Lives!

We all have our own tale to live and what better place to look for help and encouragement than the greatest story of all.

        With the popularity of fairy tales and Disney animation, and especially with the new release of Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast on March 17, Zonderkidz wanted to publish a storybook Bible and full -text Bible (Holy Bible offered in hardcover, and pink leathersoft editions) that would resonate with children and families who loved those types of movies, and loved reading a great story.
        The art will captivate Disney lovers with similar looking characters and color palettes
        Zonderkidz wanted to capture fans of this genre, but introduce young children to the word of God, and introduce them to the great characters of the Bible. It’s important to note that this brand serves to resound the theme that the Bible is NOT a fairy tale, but every great Bible story happened once upon a time. The Bible is the ultimate Happily Ever After story!
        What Christian parent doesn’t want to tie in Bible learning fun with what their kids already love, but also have the opportunity to teach them that the real heroes and stories of our faith come straight from God’s Word.
The Storybook Bible utilizes even more of the captivating art style and beautiful narrative to tell the major stories of the Bible ( , and the Holy Bible ( & ( includes the full-text of the bestselling New International Reader’s Version (NIrV) translation, and highlights 6 great stories of the Bible in full-color tip-in pages.  (there will be 6 stories, and each story is told on 4 illustrated pages.)

“available where books are sold”
“available at Sam’s Club or wherever books are sold.”

My Review

This Bible is awesome for kids. Very attractive cover words in language a child can understand. It is not a fairy tale, every story in it happened once upon a time. What better stories to read to your children. Beautiful illustrations in the Bible kids will love to look at. This is the whole Bible. Print is nice size and loved it had a presentation page. Zondervan did a beautiful job with this bible. Has a nice dictionary in the back. And a wonderful list in the back of all the wonderful stories so easy to find a certain story you may want to read. children will learn different characters in the Bible.
Once upon a Time Storybook Bible is wonderful way for the kids tom learn different stories in the bible and are true.  It is beautifully illustrated also such vibrant colors.Stories from the Od and the New testaments. In the Old Testament there are 18 stories being told and at the end of each chapter there is  a Happily Ever After verse to go with it. In the New Testament there are 15 stories. Both these book by Zondervan would be a great add to all libraries and in the homes. 

Disclosure: I received a complimentary Once Upon a Time Holy Bible and Once Upon a Time Storybook Bible from Zonderkidz, through FlyBy Promotions in exchange for a honest review.