Monday, December 11, 2017

One Christmas in Winter by Bell Renshaw

Reba Farwell is finally getting a chance to live out her dreams. Sent to Winter, Montana to direct filming for a crucial, on-location shoot, she knows the next two weeks will make or break her career. And she could definitely use a break. As if that isn’t enough, she’s got a secret that none of her crew knows. All she’s asking for is two weeks of small town, Christmas beauty and a little bit of on-camera sizzle.

Five years ago, Hoyt Bradley’s heart and future shattered in one fell swoop that landed him back in Winter. Thankfully, making lemonade—or his father’s famous lemon meringue pie— out of lemons is what he does best. Running Bentley’s Diner has filled the gaps left in the wake of his heartbreak, even if it hasn’t healed him completely. Not wanting to relive memories of his rocky start in the film industry, Hoyt does his best to steer clear of the dreaded film crew, but Winter has a way of bringing people together.

After one fateful delivery and a score of icy bad luck, Reba finds herself in a bind and at the mercy of what Winter can offer. Will she pull the film together in time to salvage her name as a director? Or will the sparks flying off-camera create more of a distraction than she knows how to handle? 

Come visit Winter, Montana in this Christmas Novella where the Christmas lights are always on and the snow falls most frequently when loved ones share a kiss. 


About the author

Annabell “Bell” Renshaw has always loved books and the power of a good story. She turned those passions toward writing at an early age, finding solace and adventure in made-up worlds when her mother would read to her as a kid. She’s grown up now, but still finds herself lost in those worlds. She believes in the power of a happy ending and the fact that--no matter what--love will always find a home.

Connect with her on her website:

My  Review

Loved this Christmas story by Bell Renshaw.  Such a sweet inspirational romance. Loved the characters they was well developed.  I sure hope there is a place called Winter. Love to visit their festival days.  Reba is getting her big chance as a director of a Christmas film. She has great actress and actors to play the parts. That until the lead actor gets hurt. Now what is she to do everything rides on this film for her future as a director. Out here middle of no where and who can she get to stand in for the lead part? Hoyt Bradley has come back to town swearing off ever acting again. Due to something very personal that happened.  Both Hoyt and Reba have personal issues can they work them out? Will sparks fly? Looking forward to more books from Bell. This one kept me flipping the pages. 

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Amish Love Be Kind Collection By Rachel Stoltzfus

To be a good wife, she needs him to be a good husband.

Get all 3-Books in ONE GREAT COLLECTION  
Abram doesn't want to scare his wife. He never meant to hurt her. Hannah wants to be a good wife, but to do that, she needs Abram to be a good husband. Sometimes, love is not enough. It will take grit, God, and a community coming together to give husband and wife to the tools to save their family, their marriage and themselves.

    Book 1: Amish Love Be Kind - Pushed too far, an Amish woman must stand up for herself to save her marriage.
    My Review
    Hannah felt her marriage to  Abram was going to be the happiest marriage. But soon she finds out not so.. Abram has anger issues he takes out on her. Abram has something he is hiding from his pass. That he is remembering. It has bought him to miss treat his wife. She has to take a stand against him to protect herself and her baby she is carrying.  Good novella . 

    Book 2: Amish Love Be Patient - Abram broke his promise. Can she trust him again?
    My Review
    Abram has made a promise he would never hit Hannah again. He feels so bad after he has abused her and ask for forgiveness and  always says he promises never to hurt her again.  He seeks help to deal with his anger but is it enough.  Enjoyed reading this novella. 

    Book 3: Amish Love Be True - He's beaten the monster. For now.

Will Hannah and Abram be able to build a happy future together? Find out in the Amish Love Be Kind 3-Book Boxed set (Books 4-6 of the Amish Peace Valley series,) now in one beautiful collection.
Amish Peace Valley is an uplifting Christian series about the saving grace of faith, community, and love.
If you love a book about a husband overcoming his failings and finding the strength to love his wife truly, start reading Amish Love be True today!

My Review

Getting help Abram is doing better.  But when being confronted being a wife beater he still has issues with anger, but through help of his community and peer classes he is doing better at control. But is it soon enough that Hannah will stay with him and have her love? Will Abram be shown grace? I enjoyed the series. 

Friday, December 8, 2017

I Can Only Imagine by Bart Millard (Mercy Me)

Get a free SNEAK PEEK of a chapter from the new book #ICanOnlyImagine, a memoir by MercyMe’s Bart Millard about the unexpected journey of his life and the divine inspiration behind the mega-hit song! Check out MercyMe’s FB post for details:

How others life changed because of  "I can Only Imagine"


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Sweet Tea and Summer Dreams by Mary Manners

Vanessa Pearce has returned home to Honeysuckle Cove from the runways of New York, where she enjoyed a charmed life as a plus-sized model until an accident brought that career to a crashing halt. The opening of Sweet Tea and Summer Dreams, a children’s tea party boutique, provides an escape from the heartache of shattered wishes.

The recent adoption of his niece Lanie has taught Colton James to appreciate the simple things. Everyone in Honeysuckle Cove seems to have forgotten Colton’s rowdy past—everyone except Vanessa. But when a visit to Sweet Tea and Summer Dreams causes their paths to cross once again, it’s Colton’s opportunity to prove to her that one shattered wish can lead to a beautiful dream come true.


Mary Manners is a multi award-winning author of sweet romance. She has two sons and a daughter, as well as three beautiful grandchildren. She currently lives along the sunny shores of Jacksonville Beach with her husband Tim. 

While growing up in Chicago, Mary worked her way through a variety of jobs including paper girl, figure skating instructor, pizza chef, and nanny before going on to pursue a career in teaching and administration. Many of these experiences add a touch of humor to her stories. Mary loves long sunrise runs, lazy ocean sunsets, flavored coffee, and dark chocolate--lots of chocolate.

Find out more about Mary on her website: “Like” her author page on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

My Review

Sweet Tea and Summer Dreams is book 6 in the Honeysuckle Cove series.  Vanessa has moved back home to Honeysuckle Cove. Leaving her modeling career after a accident she opens up Sweet Tea and Summer Dreams. A place for children to have  tea parties. Can she make a go of it? Getting ready for a tea party all set up for a party and in comes a dog that destroys it. Running in after the dog could it really be a guy from her past Colton James? The attraction is still their for her but is it for him? Can a past of a broken heart become a  dream come true? Wonderful sweet romance. I loved these characters and they are well developed. Mary Manners always has sweet inspirational stories. If you have never read any of Mary's books you are missing out. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Family Honor Plate

Meet Michelle Weber

I’m the proud mamma of two daughters I absolutely adore. I can’t help but look for and see the beautiful opportunities and blessings that we can too easily miss when focusing on the not so beautiful things. Life is too precious to live it any other way... not to mention, a positive mindset sure makes life a heck of a lot more fun and easier to deal with!

About the plate:

The virtues are listed in the center of the plate for mom and dad to use as their anchor, their moral compass to guide them in how they need to show up for and to their children.  This is how our children learn what character (Christ's Character) is, what it looks like, what it feels like. Our children are watching us and learning from us. 


Look for the good choices and attitude your kids/spouse are making and showing throughout the day. Track it back to the virtues and character it shows.

Turn dinnertime into a celebration when you catch someone making good choices and showing good character and present their meal on the FAMILY HONOR PLATE.  This is when you:
·      Talk about the choices they made and the virtues and character that it showed (Be specific).

·      Talk about how they made everyone involved feel and the impact they had on people and how that is POWERFUL and BEAUTIFUL.

 About the cards:
Every question is followed up with "Why?" to take everyone's answers to a deeper more intimate level.  That's where the magic is and the real conversation starts. So now when even a simple question such as..."What is your favorite dessert?" for example, rather than someone answering "Apple Pie" and then moving on to the next person, the whole family gets to walk down memory lane because it reminds them of Grandma Smith who always made apple pies with them when they came to visit." Her house always smelled of fresh baked pies and she gave the best hugs when we walked in the door." 

Communication is the key to connecting, building and maintaining healthy relationships.  When we are raise our children to be confident in their ability to communicate with others and get their point across, situations are less stressful and they have better outcomes.

Lot of fun to make with the kids!!!!
Here's How

Social Corner






Our Plate we made. 

My Review

This was such a fun project with grand kids. They are between ages of 4-7. They had a wonderful time doing this project  and talking a lot. The answers kids can come up with can sometimes make ya think.  They had so much fun I let them do one of their own.  The plate was of great quality. The paints and brushes were great. The plate also had a nice easel so you could display your special day.  A time to make memories and learn more about each other. Who would you invite to dinner? Was a question to ask answer was Jesus. Why? Because He loves us! Great answer.. A great fun time ! Be great in every home.