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I Will Love You Forever by Cori Salchert

A True Story about Life, Love, and Healing through Heartbreak

As Seen on Kathie Lee & Hoda on 12/21/17!
A baby girl was born without a right or left hemisphere of her brain. Doctors said she was essentially in a vegetative state, unable to see or hear—that there was no hope for her. Relinquished under the state’s Safe Haven Law, this two-week-old unnamed baby girl found her way to Cori and Mark Salchert’s home. Despite the infant’s grim medical diagnosis, Cori knew she couldn’t allow this beautiful baby girl to spend her few days on earth alone and unloved. Cori took the baby girl home and named her Emmalynn .

I Will Love You Forever reveals one woman's decades-long quest to find healing and redemption after the accidental death of her sister as a child. God has used hospice babies—those left to live and die without family to care for them—to mend Cori's broken heart. Bringing these fragile hospice babies into their home, Cori and her family have promised to hold them briefly, until their last breath on this side of heaven, but to love them forever and always. The loving actions of Cori and her family show that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength.

Cori’s poignant story will strengthen your faith. . . It will touch your heart.

Cori Salchert

Cori Salchert is a mother of 15 kiddos and counting. She knows what it's like to love deeply, while holding loosely to the terminally ill children she cherishes in her home for the brief time they live before dying. Her strength and hope is in God, and the pain and grief endured on earth is worth it because she'll have forever to love her children in heaven.

My Review

Wow this is a powerful book.  God uses Cori to comfort a dying baby. But in the process He is healing her heart.  Cori and her family  devoted their lives to care for a hospice baby. A baby that  would never know the love of a family. Knowing she would not live long was long enough that she knew love. In process healing Cori over the death of her little sister years ago. Through their time with Emmalynn they have  had faith and got joy from knowing her and ended with peace.  I loved  a quote Cori wrote want to share with you.  "Our hearts are like stained -glass windows. Those windows are made of broken glass, which have been forged back together, and those windows are even stronger and more beautiful for having been broken. " by Cori Salchert

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.
Philippians 4:13

Arms of Mercy by Ruth Reid

He lost her once to a rash decision. He will not lose her again.
On the eve of a new year, Catherine Glick is expecting Zach, her bu of five years, to propose. Instead, the unexpected arrival of an old boyfriend, Elijah, causes her life to spiral out of control. When a rash decision damages her relationship with Zach, Catherine leaves for Florida to work in her cousin’s bakery—anything to be away from the source of her shame.
Elijah Graber knows that he hurt Catherine when he left their Amish district six years ago. He’s returned to explain his actions, even if it means going with her to Florida. Perhaps the two-day bus trip will provide enough time to make his case and win her back.
Just when Elijah is starting to tear down the walls around Catherine, the bus skids on an icy road. In the mayhem and tragedy that follow, Catherine disappears. Elijah’s friends encourage him to prepare for the worst. But Elijah holds on to his hope in God and will not give up his search for Catherine. With supernatural nudging from the most unexpected places, Elijah sets out to find the love he once lost—no matter the cost.


Ruth Reid 

Ruth Reid is a CBA and ECPA best-selling author of the Heaven on Earth series. She's a full-time pharmacist who lives in Florida with her husband and three children. When attending Ferris State University School of Pharmacy in Big Rapids, Michigan, she lived on the outskirts of an Amish community and had several occasions to visit the Amish farms. Her interest grew into love as she saw the beauty in living a simple life.

My Review

Arms  of Mercy was  wonderful. This is book 2 in the Amish Mercies series. Abiding Mercy was book 1. Great series,  I found it to be a great mystery as well as Amish romance.  Characters are well written. Catherine is tired of not being a wife. Ready to settle down so she takes matters into her own hands. Something that is not done in the Amish community. But it doesn't go well at all. a old beau is back in town. How could he come back after what he did to her? Can he explain it  to her in what little time they have ? Then there is a accident. Where is Catherine?  You will want to read this it is a page  turner. Loved it. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Paul Apostle of Christ (Coming Soon)

Releasing Easter week: March 28, 2018. See the ripple effect of Jesus’ sacrifice in the lives of believers some 70 years after Christ’s death.


In PAUL, APOSTLE OF CHRIST , Luke risks his life to visit Paul, who is held captive in a Roman prison under Nero’s rule. Together, they struggle against a determined emperor and the frailties of the human spirit in order to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ and spread their message to the world.

1.     Paul’s letters and writings were vital to the spreading of Christianity, and became a large part of the New Testament.  Our story focuses on how, despite persecution and peril, they shared Jesus’ message of love, redemption and forgiveness with a small community of believers who in turn, took it to the whole world.
Great pains were taken to maintain biblical accuracy.  Using scripture as the only reference, director Andrew Hyatt recreated the story of Paul on film, including the close relationship with Luke, whom at the end of Paul’s life, at his own peril, traveled in and out of the prison carrying Paul’s writings to the community of believers

The MPAA has rated the film PG-13 for some violent content and disturbing images
Running time is 1:47 min

In Theaters Nationwide Week Before Easter Friday, March 23, 2018.

      A visually stunning, historically-based film that brings to life the story of Paul, who went from becoming the most notorious persecutor of the Church to its most powerful proponent among the nations outside Judea.
      Two very different men are bound together by their love for Christ. As each of them realize that Rome has been overtaken by Nero’s evil at the same time their lives are drawing to a close, they struggle to finish their races and leave behind a book of lasting importance for the millions who will follow Christ in generations to come.
      Two themes found in Paul, Apostle of Christ, are relevant today:
      First, we are surrounded by evil, which can strike suddenly and without cause.

Second, we can all learn from Paul and Luke: Love is the only answer



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“Disclosure (in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255:  “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”): Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC, Collide Media Group and Columbia TriStar Marketing Group, Inc. for providing tickets to see this movie on its release in exchange for this promotional post.  Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

A movie made with 100%   God's word!

See Jim Caviezel as Luke in " Paul , Apostle of Christ"

I look forward to seeing this movie! You just don't see  movies that are written by the true word of God!  Get out there and get your tickets at your local theater. I really think you will be blessed. Let's also support Christian movies. 

His Risk by Shelley Shepard Gray

Calvin Fisher left the Amish community at fourteen and never looked back. Only his brother’s illness can bring him back to Hart County.  Now, as Calvin works to make amends, he meets Alice, a local nursery school teacher, and falls hard for her. But he has a secret that could threaten the happiness he’s finally found.

Alice shouldn’t like—or want—Calvin. He’s English, has a questionable past, and an even more questionable job. Still, she can’t help being intrigued. Though Calvin assures Alice that he’s worthy of her, she’s torn between surrendering to her growing feelings and steering clear of him. 

When a sudden surge of criminal activity alarms the community and even targets Alice, Calvin fears that his double life has put everyone he loves at risk. As for Alice, she can’t help but wonder if the brave and honorable man she’s lost her heart to is far more dangerous than she could ever imagine.

Shelley Shepard Gray

Shelley Shepard Gray lives in southern Ohio and writes full time. A busy wife and mother of two, she spends her days writing and keeping track of her two teenagers. Her two dogs keep her company when she writes in her basement.

Shelley enjoys writing about the Amish and visits Amish communities in Adams and Holmes counties several times a year. When not spending time with her family or writing, she serves on several committees in her church.

She also bakes a lot, loves coconut cream pie, and will hardly ever pull weeds, mow the yard, or drive in the snow.

Shelley also spends a lot of time on line! Please visit her website, to find out her latest news...or become her friend on FaceBook.

My Review

Another wonderful Novel by  Shelley Shepard Gray.  Well written, Loved the characters.  This book will keep you flipping the pages. Lot of action and wondering who could do such a thing in a Amish community.   Calvin  back home to help his brother and  finds interest in  his neighbor. But with the life he is living how can expect to have anything with Alice ? Wonderful book.  This book is full of mystery and suspense. You love Amish and Romance here too. 

Friday, March 9, 2018

“Ice Dragon: Legend of the Blue Daisies”

 Based on a short story by Canadian director and producer Bruce Stacey (“God Rocks!,” “Journey to Christmas”), “Ice Dragon: Legend of the Blue Daisies” will premiere in U.S. cinemas for a two-day-only event. This is the first of a planned trilogy that will follow the adventures of Melody, a gifted young dreamer, and her feisty friend Leif, as they work together to save their village from a menacing dragon.

·       The family-friendly story of “Ice Dragon: Legend of the Blue Daisies” is coming to cinemas nationwide on March 24 and 26 only. Moviegoers of all ages will enjoy this thrilling adventure, along with the short film and music video. You can get tickets at

Melody, a gifted young dreamer and her feisty friend Leif, must set aside their differences and use the power of magical Blue Daisies and an ancient Song to save their world from an evil Ice Dragon. When the blue flowers that once bloomed all around her village begin to disappear, Melody and her eccentric grandfather recognize this as a sign of great danger… but no one believes them! Racing against time, Melody must convince Leif and the other villagers before it’s too late. Great songs and engaging characters highlight this inspiring, animated adventure for the whole family.

Starring the voice talents of Rheal Rees (Melody), Justin Debé (Leif) and Bill Bray (Nicholai), “Ice Dragon: Legend of the Blue Daisies” features original songs and engaging characters that highlight this inspiring animated adventure for the whole family.

The song has the power to change 

                                         “This inspirational feature offers a vibrant interactive experience for young and old fans alike. 'Ice Dragon: Legend of the Blue Daisies' will bring families together in faith, hope and fun, all at their local cinema."  


Looking forward to seeing this!! Get the kids , grand kids or hey just some friends and have a great time together. 


Coming Home by Jennifer Vander Klipp

He was why she left. Now she’s falling for him.

Logging camp owner Seth is Becca’s first love and the reason she turned her back on her hometown.

In 1881 Oregon, Becca is a university student, determined to be a modern woman and not a resident of a frontier boomtown. Now her brother’s dead, and she needs Seth’s help to find justice. If only she can avoid falling in love with Seth and keep herself out of the killer’s sights.

Seth enjoys having Becca back in his life until a piece of evidence implicates him in her brother’s death. If he tells her, he risks Becca leaving again.

As the stakes get higher, Seth must keep both of them alive long enough to offer a future to this woman he’s fallen in love with.

Coming Home is the first book in The Route Home series. If you like Christian historical romance with a touch of suspense, strong female characters, and a taste of the wild West, you’ll love this journey of frontier townspeople into the modern age and finding their way home.

Jennifer Vanderklipp

Stories of ordinary people, extraordinary circumstances. Most of us are ordinary people. We won’t be mentioned in history books. Documentary films won’t be made about our lives. A film crew won’t follow us through out our days. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t extraordinary.

Each of us has a unique purpose and reason for being on this planet, whether we know it or not, whether we can see it or not over the mounds of bills, dirty laundry, piles of dishes.

So take a break for a moment. Grab a few quiet moments and your favorite drink and read about women and men as ordinary as you. Who may or may not recognize that they are in some extraordinary circumstances.

And see what happens.

And in my very ordinary life. . . I make beauty from neglect, order from chaos. I like fixing messes!

And I get to do that a lot since I’m a mom to two and stepmom to four, navigating the teens while battling my daughter’s juvenile arthritis, exploring the delights of my son’s autism, and keeping gluten free. A California native transplanted to the Midwest, my favorite thing is discovering with my husband how much there is to love about seasons, snow, and the delight that is Michigan.

My Review

Coming Home  is book 1 in the The Route Home series.  Well written story of a sweet historical romance. The book is also a inspirational novel. Loved the characters. Was a book you could sit  and read till your done kept your interest.  How can Becca get Seth to see her as a woman in love with them as a a sister figure? Seth loves her but feels responsible for what happened  to her brother. How could she ever forgive him? Lot of action going on. Great series to pick up by Jennifer Vander Klipp.