Sunday, September 22, 2013

Heaven is Not Far Away by Marian Baay

Heaven is Not Far Away
By: Marian Baay

Albert Van Ampting  from the Netherlands  came to America to have a better life.  All he cared about was that his journey to America would be prosperous that he would find a wife and make a good living.  Bringing with him his dog Jessie.  Right away he catches the eye of beautiful lady by the name of Michelle Lefevre.    War had broken out on his journey there and jobs were  scarce.  Finally got work as a carpenter.  Now on his journey to America he put God aside and did what he wanted to do. Will he ever get right with the Lord?  He has fallen in love with the beautiful Michelle.  Michelle becomes his wife , but the war is going strong and they need more men to fight. Albert feels  like the Lord is telling him to go, but how can he leave the beautiful Michelle.  Albert enlists to go. Michelle has him take Jessie with him to keep him company. Will Albert return to his beautiful bride?
I really enjoyed this short story by Marian Baay. Look forward to seeing more from her.

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