Friday, July 19, 2013

Search and Rescue by Marianne Evans

Search and Rescue by Marianne Evans
Great book.  Nice romance story taking place in Detroit at a diner called Sal’s Place.  Jennifer works  two jobs to keep things going. No time for a man in her life.  Saving still having to help with her mother who has issues medically.  Then walks in Ryan Douglass and what a looker.  He worked on the police force.  He was flirting with Jennifer. Jennifer takes his and his partners orders then heads up to get it for them. Then she is grabbed and a knife is at her throat. Sal’s Place was being robbed. Demanding all the cash or he is going to kill her. The knife cuts her in the struggle blood is dripping down.  Then ! Well I’m not going to tell anymore of the story get the book it is great see what happens. Loved it 5 star book.

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