Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sapphire and Ice

Sapphire and Ice by Hallee Bridgeman
I really enjoyed the novella. Kept me interested all the way through the book. This is part one of a trilogy. Story is about three sisters who grew up in abuse and make it on their own through the help of the oldest sister Robin. due to all the abuse Robin wants nothing to do with men. Nor does she want anything to do with God. She is upset why would God put them through such abuse in their life. You might say she is as cold as ice. Robin gets her sisters back with her after being separated as kids. She is working two jobs to put them through school. so there is no time for guys in her life or does she want one. Till she meets Antonio " Tony " Viscolli. She looks at him like he is just a guy born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Tony takes her to see where he grew up and what kind of life he lived in. She then sees his life was no better then hers. He was helped by a church as a kid they helped him out and lead him to the Lord. He has worked his way to what he has. Tony buys out the place of business she works at and he wants to remove the bar. Robin doesn't understand this its a money maker and great tips for her. Tony wants to date her but she isn't interested. He keeps pursuing her. She finally goes with him. He is falling for her and she is for him. Only one problem she doesn't know the Lord. Or want any part of God. Then someone from her pass enters the picture. Will this person destroy what she has with Tony? Will she accept Christ? Great book get and find out how things turn out.

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