Thursday, July 18, 2013

Up the " Down " Ladder

Up the Down Ladder by Dolores Ayotte

Suffering depression most people go through sometime in their life. Now how we handle it is another story.  Dolores helps out by telling what she went through and what she did to get her out of it.  I personally had a bad time with this it was not doctors who helped. Number one is what is your spiritual walk like. I found mine wasn’t where I thought.  I realized I wasn’t letting God have the control in my life. Once I got this right and a wonderful husband who set and talked to me all ours of the night I got through it. Phil: 4 I read and read it. I liked that Dolores had a spiritual take on this.  I liked the part if  you put Effort in you will get results, No effort equals no results, and some effort will give you some results. Our life is what we put into it.  It really is up to ourself what will be in our life.  Liked the easy terms no medical terms. I think best thing for me was someone to talk to me. Really enjoyed the book.

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