Monday, May 2, 2016

Unlocking the Truth of Daniel By Laura J. Davis

Do you long to immerse yourself in God's Word and discover its truths for yourself? The new and exciting Digging Deeper Series was created just for you! Embark on a fulfilling journey through God's Word using a foundation of Scripture as well as history. Will there really be a seven-year peace treaty with a man known as the Antichrist? Who are the Kings of the North and South and what role do they play in the end-times? Have the prophecies of Daniel already been fulfilled? Using Scripture and history as our guide, this study will seek to reveal the truth. Discover God's plan for the Jewish people and for the world. See how events played out historically, and where we can expect to be taken next. Undertake a journey through the Book of Daniel and discover God's plan for your life.

Laura J Davis

Laura J. Davis is a former singer/songwriter who took to writing full-time after emergency surgery caused the loss of her singing voice. Her singing career had lasted for 30 years. Her first book, "Come to Me," won a Reader's Favorite Award. In 2013, her bible study "Learning from the Master, Living a Surrendered Life," was featured in Book Fun Magazine as the non-fiction book of the month first place winner. She has had stories featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul Married Life and Chicken Soup for the Soul the Dating Game. Her latest book, "He Who Has an Ear," is a look at who the seven churches of Revelation are today. Laura is currently featured in the Author's Network book, "50 Great Authors You Should be Reading."

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My Review
Unlocking the Truth of Daniel
By Laura J. Davis

I really enjoyed the study of Daniel! This is the first book in the series Digging Deeper. Laura Davis has done a lot of study of the scriptures and dug even deeper in getting the history of it also. Lot of great points and scriptures to back up her thinking. This is a very thorough study and does take time. I'm still working through it and enjoying what I am learning.  I love the scriptures and the questions following each chapter. I think it would make a great group study book. I'm sure not everyone agrees  with everything but search it out and see.  The study is very in dept. The book shows Laura Davis did a lot of digging. 
I was given this book to review and to leave my own honest opinion. 

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