Monday, January 6, 2014

The Painted Table
By:  Suzanne Field

Mental illness is very hard to deal with. Then to live with someone who is mental is even harder.  It would be very hard to grow up with someone mental in your family like Saffee does. Would be awful to have the feeling this can happen to you will I grow up like her, if I have children can I carry this on to them. One of her mothers obsessions was a table. A table that was painted and painted over many times. A lifetime of memories in each layer of paint.  This book is about mental illness and how it affects the whole family. Each layer of paint covers up old memories wanting to be forgotten.  Will Saffee be able to remove all those years layers and layers of memories from the table?  I fully enjoyed the book. This is a good book for everyone to read. I think it will  open some eyes what others might go through.

I was given this book to give my own honest review. Given by Litfuse Publicity Group
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