Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Me? A writer? That's what I would have said before God pushed the issue. I just liked to write devotions and post them online for women to read. But then God introduced me to the Christian Writer's Guild and I discovered that writing fiction wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. With the help of an encouraging mentor and friends with a voracious fiction appetite, Crossing Values was completed, shortly followed by it's sequel, Ryan's Crossing. Now the fourth and final installment of the Crossing series is working its way to you and I'm starting a new series based around military spouses!
Along the way, my husband medically retired from the United States Air Force. After years of constant moving, we settled in North Carolina with our three children -- I thought for good. But God is moving us on to another adventure in Virginia. Besides writing novels, I stay busy home schooling and keeping up with our extended family and friends.
I strive to write clean fiction. I love happily-ever-after stories that gently advocate Biblical values and I believe in advocating healing from past hurts and families uniting in difficult circumstances. More than anything, I want the hope of Christ to permeate each of my books.

I have read Crossing Values and each book after. I loved each and everyone. You fall in love  with the characters. I loved the Christian values in each of the books. I will leave some thoughts of mine on each book. If you haven't read them yet you are missing out on a great series of books.

What a great story, I couldn't put the book down once I started reading. Young girl with a bad life. Running away from all the hurt and finds safety in the arms of strangers. How a cold heart turned back to the Lord. I believe this book could help someone get their life back on track if not get saved.

Thanks for the book Carrie Daws to review. God Bless.

 The minute I started reading this book it was one I couldn't put down. I wonder where our lives would be if we left our lives open for God to have the control. Ryan wasn't sure at first, but soon put his full faith in God.The story was wonderful. I can't wait for the next book to come out! Well written story.

I can’t say how much I love the values Carrie puts into her books. The town of Crossing and the people who live there I would love to live there. Each book had great values. Each time I couldn’t wait to get the next one. I like the fact there can be romance but done in a clean way. Anyone who reads this series can get great Godly values to guide their lives. I think every book moves you to tears happy and sad.
I just finished Crossing’s Redemption! Amber is still feeling bad about her pass and can’t seem to let it go. Lot’s of feeling left inside of her. She has such a wonderful husband who is behind her 100%. He helps her to see what God has to say about how she is holding on to her pass. Patricia a elderly lady is also having problems with what happened to her pass life. She ran away years ago from her home town of Portland. She hears of a help group for Christian ladies to come and share and eventually be able to let their pass go. Amber isn’t sure she can do this. Patricia tells her “ Fight fear with truth. You are not alone in your fear; you are not alone in your pain. And neither fear nor pain is from God. God wants to carry our load for us. Learning to forgive and forget is very hard. Especially being able to forgive yourself. They join it together and all goes pretty well to over half way through. There is a group barbeque and Amber comes face to face with someone. Will Amber recover or will it set her back? Patricia finally is ready to tell a person from her pass what happened years ago and why she ran. Will he forgive her? Another person comes to Patricia’s will there be a reunion? These books are so wonderful I would highly recommend them to everyone. They have touched my heart. Looking forward to see what is next in Carrie’s writings.

 Another great book by Carrie Daws. The lessons to learn in this book. Melody had a hard path to see where god wanted her. Her faith I believe was tested. Like most of us I think we put our faith in ourselves or other people or things. Where our faith should lie is with Jesus. Was a tearful story about loss but yet she found her true peace. Her husband David also had lessons to learn. Where did God truly want him? I love the families in this series and look forward to each book and the lesson there for us to learn. Carrie you do a wonderful job. Looking forward to your next book.If you haven't read this series I would recommend you do. Well worth your money and your time.

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