Friday, August 2, 2013

Emalyn’s  Treasure by Joy Ross Davis

I really enjoyed this  story.  I love Joy’s writings. This one rates right up there with Olivia’s Wedding and Countance. 
The treasure I wonder what this treasure is that Emalyn has hidden.  She had it well hidden inside a chair cushion. For 15 years it has been untouched. Even when the family moved Emalyn cried until  her father agreed to take the chair with them. They then again moved and the chair went with them.  As Emalyn grew so did her talents.  She became a expert seamstress and a extraordinary chocolatier. 
While she and Owen ( her fiancé) were out making deliveries of chocolates and cheese they saw pulsating light for a moment then a instant explosion which knocked them down. They looked a head and the cross of Dunaghy Mead High had been destroyed.  Leaving her and Owen both orphans cause the parents were there.
A year later they marry and stay at Dunaghy Manor.  They hired Fiona to keep house and she had a adopted son named Percy. They lived with them.  Emalyn loved making new kinds of chocolates. In her garden she grew mint to add to the chocolate. While out in her garden she heard a noise she ask is it my swan I hear? Owen answers her it tis your swan my love. Owen tells her that swans mate for life, if their partner dies, they could pass away from a broken heart.  It’s there anniversary and she mentions it o Owen and he acts like he forgot. This is very upsetting to Emalyn. Did Owen really forget?  Percy comes home beat up they try to find out from him what happended. But he isn’t telling what happened. Wonder why he is being beaten up?  He was so unruley who knows what he was up too. Emmalyn checks her cushion in her chair she still feels her treasure.  She doesn’t trust Percy she has caught him sitting in her  chair. O no she goes in catches him he has been in her drawers and cut up her cushion with scissors. Percy is banned from her room, a stranger shows up at the celebration and leaves a gift. Who is this beggar  and what is the gift? Lots of twists in this story.   A great love story.  Another great story from Joy.

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