Thursday, August 15, 2013

I'm Not Perfect and It's Okay by Dolores Ayotte
I love reading Dolores's books they sure hit home. I love how she put her heart into this book with trials she has went through to help others. What a blessing. I find her words very encouraging. I like how she wrote it like a recipe even a bakers dozen. With all the right ingredients we can survive. The main ingredient is the Lord. I liked what she described as a part of the recipe for healing. Keep life simple, be sure to add a cup of laughter, two cups of forgiveness, and a dash of silence. With these ingredients you are sure to have it easier. One thought I really loved I will leave you with is who is the peddler of the bike is it you or is it the Lord? I loved this illustration . This book will help in many situations going on in your life. I know I went through some of these same things. Wish the book was out when I was. Very well written Dolores.

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