Sunday, June 30, 2013

Wavelength by Jeff Petherrick

Wavelength by Jeff Petherrick. 
Jeff  is telling his life story.  How he opened up and listened to what God said through different happenings in his life. How often do we ignore what God is saying and do things our own way and end up really paying for it.  I know it made me think I need to be more in prayer and studying.  I grew up in church but it wasn’t till I was a adult that I actually got serious about the Lord. I raised my children in church and they are now adults but not in church, I know they will return because God says they will. He says train up a child. And he will not depart from it. I am in prayer for this. Jeff shows different things in his life. I think it is a good book for the believer and would be really great for the unbeliever.

Thank you for the book review club. Thanks Fred St. Laurent for all the hard work you put in to the group. Thanks to the publishers and sponsors and to David Cook our sponsor

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