Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Saving Gideon by Amy Lillard

I really loved this book! Gideon a Amish man who had it all. The love of his life Miriam and a son Jamie. Tell the accident when his wife and son both died. Gideon couldn't handle the loss sold out everything and moved into pretty much a shack to die. He lost all hope and even turned on God. There is a wreck at the edge of his property during a snow storm he rescued a young Englischer. The girls name was Avery. She was the daughter of a very wealthy man. Had anything she wanted. Was about to get engaged. But ran from him when she found him with another woman. Decides this will be a good place to stay with the Amish. Gideon lets her stay for as long as she wants. He has fallen for her and her him, but she isn't Amish. Gideon could be shunned. What will he do? Get this book and find out what happens.

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