Saturday, July 15, 2017

Abiding Mercy by Ruth Reid

Faith faces an impossible situation: Should she do the right thing and bring heartache to nearly everyone she knows or deny her true self and always wonder . . . what if?
Sixteen-year-old Faith has worked full-time in her parents’ restaurant since she finished eighth grade. She loves her Amish community—and the romantic attentions of her longtime friend, Gideon.
When her sister seems to be getting too friendly with Englischers, and her parents are in a buggy accident, Faith wants to escape into her dream of joining the church and getting married.
But then a local newspaper runs a story about a child named Adriana who was kidnapped fifteen years earlier, and everything Faith has held true comes into question.
Suddenly the community Faith has known her whole life seems unreal. Can she even trust her own family? And how will she ever find home again if she no longer belongs in the world she knows best?

Ruth Reid is a CBA and ECPA best-selling author of the Heaven on Earth series. She's a full-time pharmacist who lives in Florida with her husband and three children. When attending Ferris State University School of Pharmacy in Big Rapids, Michigan, she lived on the outskirts of an Amish community and had several occasions to visit the Amish farms. Her interest grew into love as she saw the beauty in living a simple life.

My Review

This novel will keep you glued to the pages.  Abiding Mercy is excellent. A heart touching story of a young girls life.  Growing up Amish and working the the restaurant for her family Faith loves her Amish life. She can't wait to be baptized their is a certain fellow she has her eye on. 
Her parents are ion a major accident and leaves her to run the restaurant. Her sister isn't much help. She is to busy wanting to escape to the English world.  A reporter visits the restaurant and just amazed with the food. He ants to write a article on it. Faith gives him permission but no pictures of her.  The article hits the paper and they get so much business from it. But in the same paper is a article about a girl that was kidnapped 15 years ago and believe to still be alive. Faith's life is about to take a turn can she live this change in her life. What about her home her family and most of all what about Gideon? Great story loved the characters. Well written. I left this one with tears. A must read. 

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