Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Miracle at the Christmas Eve Tea Party by D.L. Stalnaker

When Sarah Beiler and Samantha Hoffman decided to give Cecilia, their co-worker and Sarah's future sister-in-law, a special tea party at their gift and tea shop on Christmas Eve to celebrate her upcoming wedding, little did they know the drama that was about to take place. While they were stranded at the shop by a crippling blizzard, they were unable to return home due to the deteriorating road conditions. In addition to the snow storm, the wooden bridge that was a link to their homes was made weaker due to a crash the night before and they feared that it would collapse under the weight of the snow and the heavy winds. After they lost their electricity and phone connection to the outside world they would have to make it the best way they could. Could their bond of sisterhood and faith in God be enough to see them through the night? What happened when an unwelcome stranger showed up at just the right moment to save one of the women from possible danger? 

This book is a Christmas novella and it tells a story using the characters from my other Women of God: Lancaster County books.

Deanna L Stalnaker (1947- ) I was born Deanna Lea Kilmer in Olean, NY. After graduating high school, I joined the Air Force a year later and served until 1970 during the Viet Nam war. After my discharge I went to college and earned degrees in Advertising Design, Biology, and finally Nursing a little later down the road. Since 1988 until November of 2012 I was a registered nurse, living just outside of Winston-Salem, NC. All of my life I longed to be a writer. We had writers in the Kilmer family, including my father and I must have inherited the love of the written word from them. My first attempt is my current book: Jobella, A Story of Loss and Redemption. It reflects my spiritual nature as well as hints from my interpersonal relationships and a dash of my nursing expertise. Future books in this series will expound on the lives of her friends and the trials that they will face. I also plan in the future to write devotional books and children's books.


My Review

What a cute Novella. I love reading Christmas stories and this was one you could sit down and read in a sitting. Perfect! Was a great story and it kept my attention to see what was coming up next. I loved the characters they are well written.  Nothing like a surprise tea party and things happening at the tea party you never dream of. loved reading how God worked through the blizzard. How their faith kept them. Great Christmas story. Loved it. 


  1. Thank you for your review on my book and for posting it on your blog! I appreciate it so much and I appreciate your friendship on FB!

  2. I also love reading Christmas stories. It being a novella is even better, reading in one sitting is great !!! Talk about an exciting yet bonding Christmas Eve !!!! Thanks for the great review and heads up. I'm looking forward to reading it.. Blessings, Rosemary