Friday, October 21, 2016

Farm Day by Tina Marie Kaht

This lively read aloud encourages young learners to explore every colorfully illustrated page! It's a fun introduction to farm animals.

Tina Marie Kaht
Tina Marie Kaht grew up in the country when electronics were not so prevalent in a child's life. To her a box is still a castle, car, or fort. Mama's purse and Daddy's boots are still favorite toys, and she hopes her stories encourage parents and children to play and pretend again and always.

Tina is a author of children's books. Look into these other great books by her. 

My Review
What a colorful book sure to catch the eye of the wee ones. I grew up around animals on a farm so I find there are may kids who are city kids and don't get to experience the different animals and the way they look and sound. The pictures are adorable.  A good learning tool for wee ones. 

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