Monday, August 15, 2016

Love Impossible by J.E.B. Spredemann

When Sarah visits Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, she is unexpectedly thrust into an impossible situation, and life as she knows it is turned upside down. She asks God for wisdom, but her prayers seem to go unanswered. While those closest to her offer their advice, Sarah feels she must do what is right - although she can't determine just what the right thing to do is. As years of deceit unfold, Sarah knows she must make a choice. Will she ultimately heed the advice of her loved ones, or will she choose an entirely different path that could result in losing everyone close to her? Christian fiction

Born and raised in California, Award-Winning Author J.E.B. Spredemann now resides in beautiful southern Indiana Amish country and writes Christian fiction. Since Amish by Accident (J. Spredemann) was first released in November 2012, the author has held a steady spot in Amazon's Top 100 Authors in Religion & Spirituality, by the goodness and grace of God. 

Joanna's Struggle, in the Amish Girls Series, was the first of several books written by the author*.(see note below) The Amish Girls Series was primarily penned for teen girls, but has been enjoyed by readers of all ages/genders. Lovers of the ever-popular Amish fiction genre are sure to enjoy these books as well, even though they are geared toward a younger audience. The characters in the stories will soon become endeared to your heart, especially the mischievous Jonathan Fisher.

An Unforgivable Secret, book 1 in the Amish Secrets series, was given a 5-STAR Review Rating by Readers' Favorite, won the SILVER Medal Book Award for 2014, and was nominated in Goodreads' 'BEST of AMISH FICTION' poll. 

Amish by Accident won the Readers' Favorite 2014 GOLD Medal Book Award.

*Note: J.E.B. Spredemann is Jennifer, Emily, and Brandi Spredemann. Together, they have penned the Amish Girls Series books. The other books, although the author name (J.E.B.) was kept, were written SOLELY by J. Spredemann (with God's help, of course.) 

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We hope and pray that our books will touch your life and be a blessing to you, as they have been to us! TO GOD ALONE BE THE GLORY!


My Review

Loved the story from page 1. What  a terrible thing to have to go through. To not remember anything after being car accident and parents who lied to you about your past . Now 10 years later and she is involved in another accident. Now her pass life is coming unfolded piece by piece. What can she do? This story is good I never put the book down  because i needed to know what was happening next and J.E.B kept it exciting to keep you in. Another great novel by J.E.B. Spredemann.  

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