Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My Walk with Jesus By Jenna Sue Bennett

In 31 full-color inspirational devotions, My Walk With Jesus Devotional Bible will bring encouraging hope to children facing cancer and other challenging health conditions. Each devotion is written from the heart of a child-- applying promises from Jesus in scripture, to help them through the hard times in their lives. Children will also learn to see Jesus in a new way, as their very best friend. He loves them more than they could ever imagine, and He will carry them through every challenge they face. This book will remind children how Jesus is walking with them, and will never, ever leave their side... Below is an excerpt from MWWJDB
"The hard things in life we have to go through are kind of like these puzzle pieces. We can only see a little tiny piece of our life at a time, but our Heavenly Father sees ALL of it, all put together" - Devotion 3, Pieces of His Plan
"Jenna's written words will surely bring healing and touch hearts, as they reach with the love of Jesus. Thank you, Jenna, for your wonderful book." -Bruce Marchiano Actor, Best-Selling Author, Producer, and Founder of Marchiano Ministries

Jenna Sue Bennett

Jenna Sue Bennett is blessed with a desire in her heart to write. With her desire being fueled daily by reading, she reached her goal of reading over 1,000 books by her tenth birthday. At the age of ten, she began writing My Walk With Jesus Devotional Bible, completing it before her eighteenth birthday. She will be using the profits from this book to share it with children around the world. It is a dream come true for her to use her writing gift to share Jesus' love with children facing cancer, and their families.
In her free time, Jenna enjoys spending time with her loving parents, and her sweet and silly little brother, Noah. Boating, camping, fishing, and taking long sunset walks are some of her favorite ways to spend time with her family.
Jenna has also published another children's book titled "My Little Dog, Fifi". It was written when she was seven, and is available through
Jenna hopes to write many more books to help children know how the love of Jesus is with them always. She is also writing a biblical fiction novel based on the lives of Jesus' disciples. She prays that all of her writing projects will bring many people closer to God!

My Review

My Walk with Jesus

A wonderful devotional for Children facing cancer! There are 31 devotions that are to help encourage  those with cancer and how Jesus has them in His hand. He loves them and cares for them, through this hard time. Also children facing other health conditions. Great book that is very encouraging! Awesome illustrations!!

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