Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Outlaw in Petticoats By Samantha Jillian Bayarr

Kate intended to hunt down the outlaws who’d made her a widow, and she would not rest until she brought them to justice, whether it be at the gallows, or at her own 


My Review
 Outlaw in Petticoats
By: Samantha Jillian Bayarr

Book three in the series Western Brides of Tombstone. This has been a great series. If you like clean romance and westerns this series is for you. Characters are well written.  Story moves along you won't want to stop. Good size Novella for a sit down with a cup of tea to enjoy. In Outlaw in Petticoats Kate is out to get the killer of her husband Jessie, and to clear her name of murdering someone. But in walks a new man into her life who is out to help her. Can he help clear her name?  Can he save her from the gallows? Get the book great novella. Find out what happens to Kate on this journey. 

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