Thursday, August 13, 2015

An Open Door By Gail Gaymer Martin

Steffi Rosetti is assigned to cover the spring fashion collection in Milan, Italy, but her trip is complicated by a strange, unexpected letter from someone she has never met—her paternal grandmother. Curious and apprehensive, Steffi heads for Italy where she meets the new photographer for Mode, and as they explore the streets of Milan and the waterways of Venice, she makes her decision whether nor not to visit this woman she’d never known, unaware of how her life would change with these two new encounters.

Gail Gaymer Martin

National Award -winning novelist. Speaker. Author of Writing the Christian Romance from Writers Digest. 

My Review
An Open Door
By Gail Gaymer Martin

A love story where I would love to visit someday. Italy!!  Steffi leaves on a job to Italy to cover a fashion show. Mean time she gets a letter from a grandmother she doesn't know. Not sure this is something she wants to follow up on but maybe she can help shed some light on why her own father abandoned her and her mother years ago.  Will it be the answers she wants or will it be something she better off not known? Mean time she meets Paul who is there to cover the fashion show also. Can something become of this? Did God bring her all this way so that she may be healed from the scars of her past?  Can she learn to forgive? Awesome story I loved the characters. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing the review of this novel. I loved writing it since I have been to those glorious cities and they stand out in my mind as a place everyone should visit for the beauty and the romance.