Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Your Extended Family By Carrie Daws

Family. They can be one of our biggest blessings and one of our biggest stressors. Family members that don’t understand the military system can complicate your life, and sometimes the best-intentioned relative can undercut everything you are trying to build with your husband.
Living far away can also be hard if you have a medical emergency. Deployments and high ops tempos give loneliness and depression the opportunity can take over. Are there really any practical answers? What does the Bible say about dealing with and living apart from family.

Carrie Daws

Me? A writer? That's what I would have said before God pushed the issue. I just liked to write devotions and post them online for women to read. But then God introduced me to the Christian Writer's Guild and I discovered that writing fiction wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. With the help of an encouraging mentor and friends with a voracious fiction appetite, Crossing Values was completed, followed by the other three books in the Crossing series. Now I'm starting a new series based around military spouses!

Along the way, my husband medically retired from the United States Air Force. After years of constant moving, we settled in North Carolina with our three children -- I thought for good. But God is moving us on to another adventure in Virginia. Besides writing novels, I stay busy home schooling and keeping up with our extended family and friends.

I strive to write clean fiction. I love happily-ever-after stories that gently advocate Biblical values and I believe in advocating healing from past hurts and families uniting in difficult circumstances. More than anything, I want the hope of Christ to permeate each of my books. Learn more or connect with me at

My Review
Your Extended Family : A Military Spouse's  Biblical Guide
By: Carrie Daws

I have read many of Carrie's books and I just love them.  All have spiritual  beliefs in them. Awesome clean books and lessons to learn in them.  I think this book can help many not just military families.  We all have different paths in our lives that pulls us from God and family. Military does pull on the family by the spouse being pulled out of the family for long periods of time. To where the wife (husband) has to pick up the pieces to carry on while  the other spouse is missing.  I think we can get so tied up in certain aspects of our lives that we are either putting most energy on religious things or the opposite on family.  Carrie through her own experience shows us how we can have both and have a happy family and also be pleasing to God.  I do not have a husband in military but I do have one who works anywhere from12 to 16 hours a day. so he is mostly here to sleep and eat. My extended family does not live close so I learned to move on in my own life, not to feel sad or guilty cause I cannot attend functions. I know I did go through that stage in my life and through reading God's word I know where my place and heart should be.  I know though military families give up a lot. I watched my own son and his family as he was away in Iraq for the 911. How it tore his family apart.  Where we are with God in our relationship can help in so much.  I loved the quote of Carrie's and it has stuck in my head, "before us stands a prize that is worth the cost. Be careful that you do not casually throw aside family in order to become more religious, but do not cast off obedience to God in order to meet your family's expectations." There is a happy medium to where we can have both, whether it be military family or those who are gone a lot. It all works good through Christ.  Thanks so much for another part of your life Carrie that I can grow from. 

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