Tuesday, March 24, 2015

One Brave Dog By: John Guarino

That’s what PD’s Grandpa Angelo tells him after PD is attacked by Diablo and his pack of wild dogs. But when Angelo, a retired War Hero, attempts to organize Summerland’s dogs and stop Diablo from terrorizing their hometown, Angelo goes missing.

Will PD, who’s just a puppy dog, learn how to be brave and conquer his fears in time to find his missing Grandpa?

Follow the adventures of PD as he journeys beyond the Forbidden River to Diablo’s abandoned junkyard hideout. If a Witchy Woman, a trickster coyote, a scary gator, a pouncing panther, and a three-headed fire-breathing monster can’t stop PD and his newfound friends, can Diablo and his brutal gang prevent them from rescuing Angelo and saving Summerland?  


My Review
One Brave Dog : Journey Beyond the Forbidden River
By: John Guarino

Awesome children's book. "One Brave Dog" written by John Guarino and illustrated by Shaun Crum. What a delightful story about dogs.  

Story of learning bravery. Starts off with Grandpa Angelo, a war hero veteran dog who is now living with a family who has adopted a new puppy PD(puppy dog). Angelo is the protector of PD and PD looks to him like he is his grandpa.  PD is pretty much scared of everything and Grandpa tries to teach him to be brave. Grandpa comes up missing and PD is determined to find him. This means going to a very bad side of town where there are really mean dogs like  Diablo who could really hurt him. But he has to save grandpa. Will PD be brave enough to find him. Will Grandpa be alive? awesome book for kids. loved it.

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