Friday, March 6, 2015

The Bride Dowry By: Samantha Jillian Bayarr

Maddie Hawkins answers an advertisement posted at the General Store for silver mine shares being given away to women.
When she arrives in Tombstone in the spring of 1885, she is informed the only way she can collect those shares is to marry one of the miners in town, due to a shortage of women in Arizona Territory.
Broke, Maddie is unable to return home, so her only choice is to marry a complete stranger. Calamities unfold as a result of her decision, and she soon regrets putting her signature to the contract.
When all the available suitors meet her at the Founder's Day picnic, she is appalled by the choices, and the only man suitable is already promised to another bride. Wanting to marry for love, Maddie fears her dreams of a happy married life will not come to pass if she accepts the conditions of the Bride Dowry.

Samantha Jillian Bayarr

Samantha Jillian Bayarr founded Livingston Hall Publishers in 2002. Named for her great, great grandfather, Edward Livingston Hall, who owned a publishing house in the late 1800's, until his passing; Samantha resurrected this legacy as a way of honoring him for passing onto her his love for the written word.

Working in the production aspect of publishing has provided her with the expertise needed to produce develop and design books from the inside out. When it came time to publish her own work, her experience in the field lent her the ability to produce several genres, specializing in Christian Historical Romance and Amish Romance.

Her first book, Little Wild Flower, an Amish Romance, was borne from her up-close encounters with the Amish community she lived near in Indiana until 1995 when she moved to Florida.

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My Review

The Bride Dowery
By: Samantha Jillian Bayarr

I love books written by Samantha in the pass mostly Amish. I like the new western series she has been doing. The Bride Dowry is no exception. Wonderful characters you will fall in love with and want to hear more about. I think my favorite was Maddie in this one. Loved her personality. story is about Maddie leaving her uncles home to live on her own. She visiting her friend in the General store and sees a advertisement for silver mine shares being given to women. So she leaves for Tombstone to live and collect on those shares. She gets there to collect only to find out there is a stipulation. O my I think Maddie should of read the small print. This book is full of excitement twist and turns you will not be able to put it down till you have finished. Now I'm waiting for book two.

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