Sunday, January 11, 2015

Rachel Loves to Run and Play By Tara Harwood

Rachel Loves to Run and Play is a children’s book about a real person named Rachel. She is Tara Harwood’s best friend. Rachel is a person who plays her hardest no matter what. It can be raining or snowing and Rachel will still play hard.
Written in rhyme, you will enjoy reading this book to your younger children and encouraging them to run outside and play. Young readers will enjoy reading and looking at the wonderful illustrations. 

Tara M. Harwood
Tara has been working as a pediatric dietitian since 2007. She has a Masters Degree from Ohio University in Sports Nutrition. Tara embodies health and wellness on all levels. She strives to remain positive, consumes a balanced diet, and participates on several sports teams, including kickball, softball, and touch football. When Tara is not at work or playing sports she participates in a book club, dinner club, and fostering dogs. She believes life is about a balance of helping, loving, imagination, playing, and eating good food. Rachel Loves to Run and Play is her first published children's book. 

My Review

Rachel Loves to Run and Play
By Tara Harwood

I really enjoyed this book. written to encourage kids to play outside. Get out get  fresh air and exercise by playing. Great little story for young but think we all can learn from it. I like the illustrations very colorful to catch the eye of a child. 
I was given this book to review by the author for my own honest opinion.

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