Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Kitty Castle Christmas By Celesta Thiessen and Keziah Thiessen

In this short story, it's almost Christmas when elves from the north arrive and want to take Nightcat away to be their king. Nightcat thinks he can help the elves and he does love helping. They offer him all the toys he could ever want and the reindeer say they'll bow to him every day. Will Nightcat become their king and leave Kitty Kingdom forever?
Celesta and Keziah Thiessen are a mother and daughter team who wrote these books together for fun because they both love stories and using their imaginations. They started writing the series when Keziah was seven years old. During the brainstorming phase, they immediately came up with the idea of having a cat as one of the main characters - cats were Keziah’s favorite animals. Now Keziah is twelve. She still loves animals of all kinds, especially dragons.

The Kitty Castle Series is a set of beginning chapter books and seasonal short stories written for children in Grades One to Four.

Celesta and Keziah Thiessen
 Keziah Thiessen was between the ages of seven and nine when she wrote the Kitty Castle Series with her mother. Keziah loves to make up stories. Creativity and inventiveness are her strengths. Keziah won the recycling craft project at Southwood School with her Milk Jug Castle Playhouse. One of her favorite activities is art, and she loves to make drawings and 3D models of cats.

Celesta Thiessen has written short stories and novels for adults and teens, chapter books for children, and leveled books for beginning readers. She also generates ideas and writes content for Visions Encoded, a company specializing in apps for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Celesta lives in Steinbach, Manitoba with her husband, two young daughters, and two cute cats.

My Review
Kitty Castle Christmas
By: Celesta Thiessen
Keziah Thiessen

This was such a cute story written by mother and daughter.  Look forward to seeing more written by them.  Great book for kids age 6 - 11.  The Cat in this story has decisions to make  will he make the right one? Is Christmas just about gifts? Kids will learn what is important in this story. I hope to follow more stories
I was given this book to review for my own honest opinion.

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