Friday, December 19, 2014

Hope in the Shadows...My Breast Cancer Journey By, Vicki Marney

The Marney family quickly discovered 1994 was going to be an interesting year. Unwelcome news awaited Jon on the first workday that year. A series of seemingly unrelated setbacks throughout that year challenged their faith. In November, Vicki was diagnosed with aggressive stage II breast cancer. However, they were able to walk through the valley of the shadow of death because God had already given them assurance that He would be with them. This is the story of how God had given them a vision that provided hope in the shadows.

Vicki Haase Marney
I'm currently traveling around the world with my husband, Jon (for his company) and enjoying seeing the world. Before Jon began this change in is job (6/08), neither of us had been out of the US, other than Canada & Mexico--didn't even have a passport. Now we have been to Paris, France (& Normandy); London, England (also Horsham, & Manchester in England); Madrid, Spain; Amsterdam, Holland (Netherlands);Toronto, Canada (as well as Vancouver BC & Victoria previously); Copenhagen, Sweden; Frankfurt, Germany (Including a weekend trip to Munich for Oktoberfest); Lisbon, Portugal; Stockholm, Sweden; Copenhagen, Denmark; Brno, Czech Republic (incl. side trips to Vienna, Austria--LOVED IT!-- Bratislova, Slavakia & Prague; Seoul, South Korea; Brussels, Belgium; & Tokyo, Japan, (Also Osaka, Japan); Milan, Italy (& side-trips to various other Italian cities including Venice & Rome; Buenos, Aiires. (we have also been to various cities/towns in Mexico-- mostly on a cruise) as well as Kiribati (a tiny island that was part of a Hawaiian cruise--this was our 1st stamp on our passport!) Plus, Jon has been to Johannesburg, South Africa & Bangalore, India (w/o me!). These are usually 3-4 week assignments in each location and now include more of the US as well. We usually only get 1 or 2 weeks at home in between assignments...sometimes even less!

We enjoy spending time with our 8 grandchildren and we look forward to #9 in April. We have both been on a weight loss journey with SparkPeople, where I started a team called Biggest Loser couples. We were both doing well, until we started the traveling. Eating out all the time is making this MUCH more difficult). UGH!

This party is to celebrate 20 yrs. since my breast cancer diagnosis (Nov. 30, 1994). It is also to celebrate my first book--my, Memoir called "Hope in the Shadows --My Breast Cancer Journey" which is hopefully going live on Kindle on the same day as my party (Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014).

My Review
Hope in the Shadows
By: Vicki Marney

What a beautiful memoir. Very well written . Vicki takes us through her journey with breast cancer. Sharing all she went through, with chemo, radiation even to losing her hair. what a wonderful strength she had to go through this. Now it is 20 years cancer free Praise God!! This book is wonderful. Anyone fighting cancer should read this book it is very encouraging.

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