Saturday, November 1, 2014

Better to See You By: Gail Gaymer Martin

Visiting her ailing grandmother in the fairytale-like German town, Lucy Blair plans to be a caregiver during her grandma's illness and attend the world-renowned theater production of the Passion of Christ. What Lucy did not plan was to run into her old college boyfriend, Ron Woodson, who is in Germany to learn woodcarving for his furniture making business. Will their meeting rekindle the old flame or will the past smother the new spark?

Gail Gaymer Martin 

National Award-winning novelist. Speaker. Author of Writing the Christian Romance from Writers Digest. Readers page:

My Review

Better to See You
By:  Gail Gaymer Martin

I just love fairy tales! Don't you?  Sweet story of romance and the happily ever after.  Lucy visits her ailing grandmother in Germany and comes across someone from her past.  The problem was he wasn't of like faith. So she let him go. A desire she has is to see the Passion of Christ being put on there. She gets a surprise of her life at the play. Get this book it is such a sweet story.
I loved the characters felt like Gail did a great job in creating them. I loved her love of the Lord showed through out the book. This is a great Christian romance.  Look forward to more by Gail Gaymer Martin.



  1. Enjoyed reading this - sounds interesting jrs362 at Hotmail dot com

  2. I'll have to get this one by Gail, too. She's such a gifted author!