Sunday, November 30, 2014

Aileen's Song By Marianne Evans

Aileen, Siobhan, Kassidy and Maeve–long ago they made a purity pledge to God and a friendship vow to one another. Now this quartet is about to embark on the journey of a lifetime...

All her life, Aileen Brewer has dreamed of singing on stage and winning the heart of Liam Douglas. When she sings, she exudes confidence and charm. Away from the spotlight, she's the shy, curvaceous woman who has always tried to maintain a sweet, Godly spirit despite her radical upbringing and a sense that she's not quite good enough.

During a music festival at Holy Spirit Catholic Church, Aileen takes the stage with her three best friends, and Sisters in Spirit is born.

Liam, a Christian record producer, is captivated by the wallflower of his youth who has blossomed into a magnetic performer. He champions a record deal, and a quest for Aileen's heart begins, but can she find confidence enough to take command of the group...and accept Liam's love? Can Liam help her see the beauty of the woman she has become?

Dreams just might come true in ways only God could orchestrate...

 Marianne Evans

The journey has been long, and tricky to navigate at times - emotionally draining even. But, at the end of the day, I'm lucky enough to be able to say, "I'm a best-selling, published author!" If you're a fan of contemporary Christian romance and fiction, I hope you'll give my books a try.

My career began at Kensington Publishing, then Wild Rose Press released what will likely be my last secular novel, With This Kiss. This book is very dear to my heart, because, in a way, it memorializes the life of my grandmother, Rachel Alfano. She was a feisty, loving Italian. Back in the day, folks came to her deli in East Rutherford "from the City" (New York, of course!) to get her pepperoni, or purchase her hand-made sausage and pastas. Life and times at 82 Mozart Street are engraved upon my heart, and precious to me. What better place to set a romance?

Now, I'm called to write 'Faith-affirming fiction' (TM). Christian inspirational romance, and Christian themed fiction, is something that both as a reader, and writer, I feel called upon by God to enjoy and create.
This segment of my journey began when I was lucky enough to win a writing contest sponsored by White Rose Publishing that led to the publication of my Christian inspy debut, Hearts Crossing. This humble, heart-felt novella went on to become a series...and an Amazon best seller! A Face in the Clouds, a short story spin-off of Woodland, is also part of my 'best seller' portfolio. What a blessing!

My Review

Aileen's  Song (Sisters in Spirit Book 1)

By: Marianne Evans

Sister's in Spirit is about  best friends going through life together.  Aileen, Siobhan, KC, and Maene.  They made a  pact of friendship and keeping each other accountable especially in purity and all things spiritual. After time being away at different colleges they are all back home and Including Liam is there. Aileen has always liked him but what would he want with  his kid sisters friend?  Could she ever get his attention? Liam does have something planned for all the girls a musical group called "Sister's in Spirit". Can they make it as a group?  Can Aileen be more to Liam then just a girl who can sing? This book is so good. I know I felt I was right there and could here them sing and see Siobhan dance.  A beautiful story of faith, friendship and love.  Marianne's stories are always so inspirational. I love them. Always has wonderful characters you just don't want to let go of. You love good clean inspirational romance books this series is for you!.


  1. Diana, you are such a treasure to Christian authors everywhere. Your time, thoughtfulness and insightful reviews are an incredible blessing! THANK YOU, and God bless!!! <3 xo

    1. Thank yo so much you are so sweet. I love reading and Christian reading is the top of my list. I love your books!! I thank you as a author for good clean stories. <3