Saturday, October 25, 2014

To Swim With Dolphins By: Penny Jones

Katie is determined to become a part of the popular crowd at school, but a diary filled with secrets falls into the wrong hands and instead makes Katie the most hated girl at school!
Katie makes friends with Timothy, a boy with a physical handicap, who, like Katie, is bullied at school. Despite difficulties, Timothy has self confidence to face those bullies and meet the daily challenges of re-learning to walk. Timothy, along with Katie's parents (and two bottle-nose dolphins), encourage Katie to overcome her fears, to accept herself, and to learn the real meaning of friendship!

 Penny Jones
 Penny Booher Jones is an artist turned children's author living in the Los Angeles area with her husband and a psychotic cat named Susie. Seriously, she eats souls for breakfast, but she is still loved.She also illustrates children's picture
books, and is a freelance animator. When she's not writing, drawing, or talking to her demon cat (who yes, sometimes talks back), she is probably watching Dr. Who or anime with her husband, Chuck.

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My Review

To Swim With Dolphins

By: Penny Jones

First book I have read by Penny but I really enjoyed this children's book. Reminded me of old school days.  I believe this book would be great for school age children.  Katie is like most kids they just want to fit in with the in crowd.  Katie goes to a friends house and ends up losing her diary there.  Katie always wrote her thoughts down in this book.  Now what can she do to get it back? In the wrong hands this is very bad. Will anyone stand up for Katie? Will she be able to face her fears?  Awesome book for kids! Age level 8 - 12.  Loved the characters.

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