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The Widower's New Wife By: Susette Williams

The Widower’s New Wife - Collection (Includes all four volumes in one collection!)
Volume 1: Starting Over?
Jebediah Brenneman lost his wife during childbirth, along with his new baby daughter-the third daughter they had together. He relied on Eliza Yoder to help care for his wife during her last trimester, along with their two young daughters. Eliza continued to help manage his household and his children after the
death of his wife so that he could continue to work in his construction company. When Bishop Abram suggest that Jebediah is relying too much on Eliza, and that perhaps it is time he remarries, Jebediah is upset. How can he even think of remarrying someone?
Includes Apple Crumb Pie
Volume 2: The Candidates
Eliza Yoder realizes she is being selfish. She needs to consider Jebediah and his children’s needs above her own. While she likes working for him, it may be better to step aside and allow another woman to take over. She’s even willing to help him find a new wife.

Volume 3: For the Kinner
Jebediah knows that his daughters need someone to look out for them, but can he consider a woman he knows that his children do not get along with? Can another women love his children nearly as much as he does? What is Eliza willing to do for the children?

Volume 4: A Real Family
After two years of mourning the loss of his wife, Jebediah realizes how much he really needs Eliza, and how much he would miss her not being a part of his life. But has she found someone closer to her own age? Jebediah hopes that he can encourage her to become a real family.

The Widower’s New Wife (Book 1 in The Amish Ways series)

4 Volume Short Story Serial:

Volume 1: Starting Over?
Volume 2: The Candidates
Volume 3: For the Kinner
Volume 4: A Real Family
 Susette Williams

Susette Williams loves writing various genres; anything from romance, mystery, and suspense to name a few. She usually can't resist the urge to let her
ornery sense of humor shine through in one of her characters and has always believed that laughter helps you deal with the obstacles life puts in your way.

The Widower's Wife  Collection (Book 1 Volumes 1-4)

By: Susette Williams

I loved this series.  This is a collection of 4 stories put together to become one. Great job.
I really liked the character of widower Jebediah.  His wife has passed giving birth to his son leaving him two little girls to raise without there mamm. Has to hire someone to come in and help him with the girls. The bishop has called him in to have a talk with him. Now what could he have done? Get the book it is very good if you like stories of the Amish and sweet romance you will like this. Susette Williams is a wonderful writer I enjoy her books.
I was given this book to me by the author for my own opinion.

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  1. Diana thank you for sharing. Susette's book seems to be a book that I would have to read. One that I probably couldn't put down. Thank you for sharing a new author for me.