Monday, September 29, 2014

The Warrior's Bride By Kathy Barnett and Carrie Daws

The call came down from Command, and your warrior husband is out the door, leaving you behind to handle whatever he has left undone. Whether it’s the day-to-day monotony, the inevitable appliance that breaks, or the months without his presence beside you, being a military spouse brings challenges few appreciate. Yet God sees you and longs for you to boldly step into His plan. He purposely chose you for this moment—for your man. He wants to give you abundantly more than what you have right now and desires you to thrive as your warrior’s bride.

Kathy Barnett has been a Warrior Bride for 24 years. With the recent retirement of her husband from the U.S. Army, she eagerly continues to serve him, raise and homeschool their nine children, and minister to the needs of military families pointing them to the freedom found in Christ. She is a mountain girl at heart, having been raised in WV. She loves Jesus, her family, reading long books, running long roads, and talking to everyone she meets. Finding joy in the midst of life's chaos is her delight in her adventure of life.

                         Kathy Barnett

Me? A writer? That's what I would have said before God pushed the issue. I just liked to write devotions and post them online for women to read. But then God introduced me to the Christian Writer's Guild and I discovered that writing fiction wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. With the help of an encouraging mentor and friends with a voracious fiction appetite, Crossing Values was completed, followed by the other three books in the Crossing series. Now I'm starting a new series based around military spouses!
Along the way, my husband medically retired from the United States Air Force. After years of constant moving, we settled in North Carolina with our three children -- I thought for good. But God is moving us on to another adventure in Virginia. Besides writing novels, I stay busy home schooling and keeping up with our extended family and friends.                                                                                                                                                                                         Carrie Daws

I strive to write clean fiction. I love happily-ever-after stories that gently advocate Biblical values and I believe in advocating healing from past hurts and families uniting in difficult circumstances. More than anything, I want the hope of Christ to permeate each of my books.

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Warrior's Bride

By:  Kathy Barnett

       Carrie Daws

The wife of a military man would be a very rough life. Cause they are really married to the military.  It will always be upmost first on the list. Which puts the family down the list.  Kathy and Carrie write this book to show Biblically how you can still make it through it;  I never had to live it but I watched my son go through it.  It did destroy his home life.  I wish they would of leaned in close to God at the time.  Without God I can't see how a relationship would work.  I give both Kathy and Carrie a lot of credit for making it through all the ruff times from company business first, porn or affairs. I am a Christian and I really don't think I would of made it. This is a well written book by the two of them. I do believe it can help couples in the service.  I think it can really help any married couple also. Lord bless you two ladies and all those who find themselves in this situation.

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  1. Christian military couples are hard to find. It is a rough life, but oh so worth it! My husband retired after 20 years in the Navy. Christians in the military definitely need our prayers! Adding this to my "to read" list... once a military wife, always a military wife... even after retirement!
    Kelly Y.