Friday, August 1, 2014

Enough: 10 Things We Should Tell Teenage Girls By: Kate Conner

You are beautiful. You are valuable. You are enough.
In a book based on her run-away blog post "Ten Things I Want to Tell Teenage Girls,” which garnered more than 2 million views in two weeks, Kate Conner calls us to action in Enough. We all have teenage girls in our lives who we love, whether it’s a sister, friend, or daughter. Kate has identified 10 things these girls need to hear today from someone who loves her.

Peppered with wit and laced with grace, Kate’s list tackles relevant issues like Facebook, emotions, drama, tanning beds, modesty, and flirtation. Woven into each chapter is a powerful message of worth that transcends age, and will touch the souls of women, young and old alike: You are beautiful. You are valuable. You are enough.

A former youth-worker, wife to a college minister, and a young mom in her twenties, Conner stands squarely in generational gap, the perfect place from which to bridge it. Conner offers herself as a translator, helping you to speak your teenager’s language and equipping you with a fresh perspective from which to engage your teenage girl—one that may enable her to truly hear your heart (and your wisdom) for the first time since puberty.

Kate Conner

Kate is a 28 year old writer, speaker, and first generation  Southerner who spends her days learning braille, counseling girls via text message and spray painting stuff she finds at thrift stores. She lives in North Carolina with her husband Dan with whom she is co-raising three amazing little people Madeline, Sam and Henry.  Kate authors a self titled blog where she writes about surviving parenthood, vision loss and her twenties with her faith and sense of humor intact.  She believes in music, coffee, and prose, and in all the world, nothing has taken hold of her like Christ.


 My Review:

By:  Kate Conner

Kate Conner in Enough is trying to teach girls they are valuable and they are beautiful. What they are is enough. It doesn't matter what society says its what you set in your mind what you are.   Kate writes the book with humor but gets her point across.  She makes good points in the book to help young girls see their worth. What is important is that God loves you.  He made us each to be special in our own way. Beauty comes within. You can be really pretty but if you heart is ugly that's what you really are ugly. A beautiful heart and you will be beautiful all over.  I liked the book was parts I would teach differently but we all can see things different. Over all good book to help young girls. 4 star.

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  1. Diana, Thank you for your wonderful review and for Featuring the book "Enough".
    I have 5 granddaughters 3 of who are teenagers. I have watched and cried and prayed over the struggles and pain I have seen them go through because of self doubt, that is so cruelly inflicted on them by their peers.
    Thank you for the review and I will have to get this for my daughter in laws, as I feel this is a timely and inspiring message that will bless them

    1. Thanks Jackie for stopping by! Glad you liked the blog and book. I am giving one copy away if you would like to take a chance at it. :)

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