Friday, August 1, 2014

Closure By: Sylvia Stein

Garrison James had it all. A terrific home life and a loving family. Together, he and his wife built a successful ranch and construction company. His world changed the day he lost his wife to cancer. He turned to the bottle and became a monster. Sara, his daughter, tried everything to please him.
After years of abuse, Sara’s aunt visits. She recognizes the abuse and removes Sara. The frail girl begins the delicate journey of find herself, while struggling to leave her father and the monster behind.
Despite the emotional and mental scars she carried, Sara manages to start a new life. She is finally happy.
A phone call changes everything.
Will Sara continue her new life? Can she face the monster, or will she find closure?

Sylvia Stein 

Author Sylvia Stein is a published author of 5 Anthologies. She began pursuing her writing when she joined a Writer's group on Linked in led by Heather Marie Schuldt in 2012. The following year she along with the other writers published 3 of her first anthologies in 2013. This year she has published two of them. S The Anthologies are entitled, Giant tales from the Mystic Doors, Giant tales from the Misty Swamp, Giant tales World of Pirates, Lava Storm in The Neighborhood and the latest is entitled, Dangerous days. These are all three minute stories that contain different types of genres. She continues to write and has been working hard to publish her first solo novella entitled Closure.

My Review: 

By: Sylvia Stein

I started reading this book and could not put it down.  I loved it.  Characters are all well written.  Wasn't sure I liked the character Garrison but as the story went I got to love the guy. Sylvia did a great job showing all sides to abuse.  I liked how the story of each character is shown, not just the one being abused. This is a journey of what this family went through.  From things being great for Garrison James and his family to the day the word cancer came into the family. The death of the mother and the depending on alcohol to get him through a day. Sara is the one who will pay for this. How can Sara grow up with all the mental scars she carries of the abuse from the monster (her father)?  Will Sara find closure? Wonderful must read book.. 5 stars

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  1. thank you so much Diana this is lovely. I appreciate this so much. I am so glad you loved Closure.

  2. I loved how you wrote it!!! This could be a lot of peoples story and you showed how it affected all of the family. I really enjoyed it.

  3. thank you so much I worked hard in making this point across and I wanted my reader's to connect to the characters of Sara and Garrison and also those around them. Thank you again Diana.