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He Who Has an Ear By Laura J. Davis

Laura J Davis

For those who aren't familiar with your work, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a former singer/songwriter who had a singing ministry for a little over 30 years. About 14 years ago a tumour was discovered in my abdomen and when the doctors took it out they accidentally ruptured my bladder without knowing it, sewed me up and sent me back to recovery. When I didn’t recover as expected, I was sent back in for emergency surgery. Somewhere in that time frame my vocal chords were damaged due to being intubated. Although I was assured that my voice would come back it never did and to make a long story short the Lord began a “new work in me” that ended with my first novel – Come to Me.

So you had a singing career and then a writing career – just like that?

Not really. Over a period of several months while I was recovering from my surgery, I struggled desperately to get my voice back. I went through a time of depression because I couldn’t understand why the Lord would allow my voice to be taken away after so many years of service. But during that time a story was beginning to form in my mind about the life of Christ through the eyes of his mother. I had the distinct impression from God that I was supposed to write about it, but I was so angry at losing my voice I ignored it because I wanted my voice back. Besides, I couldn’t see the end of the story, only the beginning. But, over time the desire to write became so strong that I could not ignore it. Until one day I went to my computer, placed my hands on the keyboard and said, “Okay, Lord. I surrender. Use my hands as you used my voice.” The next thing I knew the floodgates were opened and I didn’t stop typing until the story was complete.

But the Lord still had some more changes for you to come, didn’t He?

That’s for sure. About a year after my surgery, a fall down a flight of stairs left me partially disabled. In time, other problems set in, including arthritis. Then I was diagnosed with a disease called lipo-lymphedema, which affects my lymphatic system, which causes my legs to swell and requires me to keep them elevated all the time. I have to spend two hours every day in something called a lympha-press that massages my legs to get the lymphatic fluid moving. It has pretty much zapped my ability to move about on my own. However, the good part of this is that it forces me to stay at my computer writing every day!

So how long have you been writing?

Not including my song writing days, it would be about 14 years.

Laura has now written her second book called
 " He Who Has An Ear " 


More than two thousand years ago the Apostle John had a vision he received from the Lord. He was told to write seven letters to the churches of Asia Minor. Out of the seven churches only two received commendation from the Lord. The rest were letters of warning.Compromise and disobedience, combined with a lack of knowledge of the Word of God, has placed the 21st century church in a precarious situation. These letters to the seven churches are a message for this generation during these last days. He who has an ear will know what to do and act accordingly.
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