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Amish Girl Series By: J.E.B. Spredemann

J.E.B Spredemann

J.E.B. Spredemann resides in central California and currently writes Christian fiction.
Author Interview below from
B: Thanks for being here with us. Will you tell us a little about yourself and how long you have been writing books?
J: Thank you for having me here, Brittany. I am the J. in J.E.B. Spredemann. The acronymous name J.E.B. Spredemann was created about a year and a half ago and stands for Jennifer (myself), Emily (my daughter), and Brandi (my daughter). Since three names are a little much to fit on the cover of a book, we thought J.E.B. was suitable and somewhat incognito. ;)
We began penning works of literature a little over a year and a half ago. Joanna's Struggle (Book 1 of the Amish Girls Series) was the first book we co-authored.
NOTE: We began writing the Amish Girls Series together, but since then the girls have branched out and are currently working on fiction in other Christian genres. The adult novellas are solely penned by J. Spredemann. I chose to not change the name because I felt readers were already familiar with J.E.B., so I kept it. The only place this is indicated is at the front of each book where the 'Other Books by the Author' are listed; you will see an asterisk * next to the books.
B: How did you decide to focus on writing Amish fiction? Is this a genre you enjoy reading?
J: Yes, I enjoy reading Amish fiction immensely. Our writing journey began when Brandi asked me why they didn't have more (Amish) books for girls her age. I replied, "Why don't we write some?" Since then, we've put our hands to the plow and haven't looked back. Also, my husband and I both have German ancestry. My husband currently speaks fluent German and has a Mennonite background.
B: I appreciated the fact that the gospel message was clearly presented several times in the story. Do all of your books present the gospel to readers?
J: I think the Gospel is essential and it is the reason I write. I aim to have the Gospel in all my books. In one form or another, it is presented in each book. If a person only reads one of my books, I want them to know that, no matter who they are or what they've done, God loves them and He made a way for them to get to Heaven. John 3:16-18, Romans 10:9-13
B: You have a series aimed at the Young Adult market. Do you have any upcoming Young Adult books you are working on or have been currently released?
J: The Amish Girls Series for teens is an eight book series. The first four books have already been released and number five should be coming out in August 2013. October, December, and February are the scheduled release dates for books six, seven, and eight. Books six and seven are currently in the editing process, and book eight is being penned at present.
B: Will you tell us a little about the next book in the Amish Secrets series and when we can expect it to be available?
J: The next book in the Amish Secrets series is about Joseph Bender, a young man who has been shunned in his ultra-strict Amish community and now lives on the streets. He believes leaving the Amish life behind is best...until he meets kindhearted Anna Smucker. Will his past secrets destroy his future too? A Secret Encounter (Amish Secrets - Book 2) is due to be released December 2013 at participating online retailers.
Joanna's Struggle, in the Amish Girls Series, is the first of several books written by the author. The Amish Girls Series was primarily penned for teen girls, but has been enjoyed by readers of all ages. Lovers of the ever-popular Amish fiction genre are sure to enjoy these books as well, even though they are shorter and geared toward a younger audience. The characters in the stories will soon become endeared to your heart, especially the mischievous Jonathan Fisher. We hope and pray that our books will touch your life and be a blessing to you, as they have been to us! The Amish Girls Series (8 books in all) is the foundation on which all of the other books are built.
Amish by Accident, written specifically for adults, was the first book to be released via Amazon Kindle and is the eighth book penned by the author. It is now available in eBook, audio book, and paperback. A book trailer for Amish by Accident may be viewed on YouTube.
Author can be contacted via email at or at Follow us on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter for the most current updates and/or giveaways.

 Joanna Fisher is a typical Amish girl. She attends a one-room schoolhouse with her siblings in Paradise, Pennsylvania. She loves riding her horse, chorin' with her family, and spending time with her best friend, Chloe. But when something unexpected happens at a nearby mud sale, Joanna finds her perfect world turned upside down. Could one event change Joanna's life forever?
Inspirational Teen Fiction. Approx. 100 pages

 Danika Morales is devastated when tragedy strikes close to home. She is forced to move from her friends and beautiful home in sunny California to Amish country in rural Pennsylvania to live with her estranged uncle. This surfer girl believes she'll never be able to adjust to a land-locked Plain lifestyle until she meets her new best friend. Still, being an outsider and of a different ethnicity, Danika faces many challenges on her journey to adulthood. Inspirational teen fiction - Approx. 100 pgs

Chloe Esh has just completed school and is now looking forward to singings, courting, and training in midwifery. While Levi Hostettler has been interested in Chloe for years, she is swept off her feet when she meets handsome Saul Brenneman from another district. Chloe must find God's perfect will for her life and face some tough challenges in the process. Inspirational teen fiction. Approx. 100 pages

After years of feeling something is missing from her life, Susanna Hostettler discovers that she once had an identical twin sister. As answers to her questions unfold, Susie's brother Levi uncovers a secret that will not only surprise Susanna, but her family as well. Jonathan Fisher has his eyes set on Susie, but can he convince her to give him a chance? Approx. 100 pages Inspirational teen fiction

 Annie Yoder has always dreamed of meeting an Englisch girl her own age, so when she sees an advertisement for Amish pen pals in the local paper, she begs her folks to allow her to participate. Annie quickly learns there are exciting new things in the Englisch world and she finds herself drawn to the forbidden. Will Annie's verboten desires lead her away from her people?
Annie isn't the only one in a Valley of Decision. Jonathan Fisher's Rumspringa may cost him more than he bargained for. Will his foolishness change the course of his life forever?
Inspirational Teen Fiction Approx. 100 pages

 Tragedy in the small Amish community of Paradise leaves one family reeling. In order to survive, Abigail Lapp and her siblings must rely on the compassion of their friends and neighbors. Abigail finds forgiveness difficult and painful, but she learns to trust God. Could He turn her unfathomable tragedy into triumph? Inspirational Teen Fiction, Approx. 100 pages

 When Brooke Spencer visits Paradise, Pennsylvania on summer vacation, she's hoping some handsome young Amish man will sweep her off her feet. But when she meets Seth Weaver, she doesn't expect it to happen literally! Will Brooke and Seth be able to make a long-distance relationship work? And could Seth Weaver hold the key to something she's really searching for - true love? Christian Teen Fiction - Approx. 100 pages

Leah Weaver is torn. She enjoys her Amish life and helping out with her folks' bed 'n breakfast, but she can't help but feel she's missing out on all the Englisch life has to offer. When Benjamin Schrock comes to town, Leah can't deny her attraction to him. But will a life with Benjamin bring discontentment or will Leah find something...or Someone...greater to live for? Inspirational Teen/YA fiction, approx. 100 pages

My Review:
 I have read all of this Amish Girls Series and I loved them. Great characters you will fall in love with.  Sorry to see them end.  Looking forward to what is next.  This series is great for young thru adult. J.E.B. Spredemann is a wonderful author. If you like reading books on the Amish you will love her books.  I have separate reviews for each book at Amazon and Goodreads.  These are all 5 star books.


  1. Thanks, Diana!

    We're so glad you enjoyed the 'Amish Girls Series'. We hated to see it end, too! Fortunately, their stories continue in our other books. We will have a Christmas novella out in the fall of 2014, Lord willing. It is called 'A Christmas of Mercy'. Also, 'Learning to Love - Saul's Story', is a sequel to 'Chloe's Revelation', and coincides with 'Leah's Legacy', time-wise. This book is more mature in content and was written with an adult audience in mind, as it deals with marital issues.

    All of our books are Christian Amish fiction.

    Some of the characters can also be found in 'Amish by Accident', 'An Unforgivable Secret', and 'A Secret Encounter'.

    Thanks for reading! We hope our books will be a blessing to all. To GOD be the glory!

    <3 Jenn

  2. Hi Jenn, always love learning more about my author friends. Thanks Diana for sharing. I so loved that series too. Can't wait for your new books. Looking forward to them.
    Linda Marie Finn
    Faithful Acres Books

  3. I want to read all of these.I have read the first one.I loved it.Thanks for sharing.

  4. They all look very good and I'd love to read them all. I haven't read any so far. Sharma Darby