Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Stillness of Chimes by Meg Mosley

 What if the pain of the past revealed an unknown sacrifice that changes everything?

When teacher Laura Gantt comes home to Prospect, Georgia to settle her recently-deceased mother’s household, the last thing she expects to encounter is a swirl of rumors about the father she lost to the lake twelve years ago—that he has reportedly been seen around town. Elliott Gantt’s body was never found and he was presumed dead.

Reeling from the sharp loss of a parent, Laura must now grapple with painful memories surrounding her father’s disappearance and the sense of abandonment she experienced after his death. Life-long friend and former beau Sean Halloran wants nothing more than to protect Laura from the far-fetched stories of Elliott’s resurrection and to care for her, but he has his own reasons, troubling echoes from his childhood, to put Elliott’s disappearance to rest.

Working together, Laura and Sean begin to uncover the truth, one mired in the wooded peaks and deep waters of the Blue Ridge Mountains surrounding Prospect. Can they fathom how many secrets the steep hills hold? With surprising facts revealed, will Laura be able to understand the sacrificial choices made that forever changed her life? And can love and a peace with God be rekindled in her heart after so much time has passed?

Meg Mosley
Although I've lived more than half my life in other states, I'm still a Californian at heart. I love vintage bungalows, twisted oaks on rolling hills, and the rocky beaches of the Central Coast. A few blocks away from my childhood home stood a Lutheran church where I came to faith, first through Sunday School teachers whose kindness drew me to the kindness of God, and then through confirmation classes. The Bible verses that had been drilled into my head came to life in my heart.
After moving away from home as a teenager, I worked at a variety of jobs, from candle-maker in a tourist town to administrative assistant at a Christian college. I married a wonderful man from Michigan, and we lived north of Detroit for seventeen years. That's where we started homeschooling our three children, an endeavor that we finished in Georgia when our youngest graduated from high school in 2009.
My husband and I live near Atlanta, close to the foothills of the Southern Appalachians. His motorcycle often carries us to the mountains of Georgia, Tennessee, or the Carolinas. Sitting on the back of the bike, I can pray, enjoy the beautiful views, and plot new stories. Fiction makes my world go 'round, whether I'm writing it or reading it.

My Review:

A Stillness of Chimes
By: Meg Mosley

This is my first book by Meg Mosley, but I loved it. Will look into others by her. Once I started this book there was no putting it down.  A Stillness of Chimes is a book  of secrets. These are secrets that are many years kept.  Thinking her father was dead and then there being sightings of him. Can this be true? After the death of her mother things start to come out.  Just when you think you got it figured out nope there is a twist. Meg has a lot of tough issues  in this book, being abandoned and abuse then the PTSD. She writes them wonderfully. Meg had to do a lot of research on PTSD was very well described. My son served and I can relate to it.  These things will put you to the test of how your faith stands. Can their be forgiveness? I like that she writes Christian fiction and it is clean has people praying and going to church. This is my kind of book. Honoring the Lord in her writing. I loved the characters my favorite was Granny Colfax.  Kind a reminded me of mine.
I really enjoyed this book. I have become a fan. I look forward to more by Me Mosley.

This book was a gift from WaterBrook Multnomah for sharing my own honest review with you.

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