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JoAnn Durgin


Catching Serenity is JoAnn Durgin’s fifth full-length novel. The author of
The Lewis Legacy Series and Christmas novellas, Meet Me Under the Mistletoe and its sequel, Starlight, Star Bright, she’s an estate administration paralegal in a Louisville, Kentucky law firm and lives in southern Indiana. Visit her at or via her Author JoAnn Durgin page on Facebook.

A woman torn apart by secrets.
A man held prisoner by the truth.
Can the greatest love of all
set them both free?

Serenity McClaren had it all before her life crumbled around her like the sand castles on her beloved beach, causing her to flee Croisette Shores and the only home she’d ever known. Nearly five years later and living in Atlanta, she receives a mysterious, unsigned note: Come home, Serenity. Things aren’t as they seem. Time to find your answers. Returning to South Carolina, she prepares to face her demons and the ailing father she left behind, hoping to make peace with both.

Child psychologist Jackson Ross is a man with a surprising past. He’s ready for the quiet life and  eager to establish his practice in the quaint, coastal village. After he hires Serenity to decorate his new office, he’s drawn to the beautiful and enigmatic woman yet sees she’s haunted by a past she can’t escape. Wanting to help her, he begins to suspect one of his young patients may hold the key to unlocking Serenity’s secrets. Jackson follows his instincts and discovers the shocking truth, but how can he tell the woman he’s grown to love what he knows—and set her free—without compromising his professional ethics and losing her forever?

Catching Serenity, a poignant story of faith, hope and love,
and discovering the everyday miracles from an all-powerful God.

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 My Review:

Catching Serenity
By Jo Ann Durgin

I have read I think just about every book Jo Ann has written. Well I love them they just seem to get better. Jo Ann's books a Christian Romance. I love the nice clean love stories.
The story is about Serenity how her life was torn apart by all the secrets. Serenity moves away from home and away from her past. Living in Atlanta five years later she gets a mysterious letter that has no signature. This letter is asking her to come home. That life is not what it seems there. But if she goes back she has to face all the things she ran from. The death of her husband then her son and a mother who just disappeared. Can she stand going back and facing all this?
New faces in town when she gets back there. Main thing is she needs a job so she sets up her own interior decorating business. Her first job is with child psychologist Jackson Ross. He also has a pass he would like to forget. Will love spark here or will their past keep them apart? Jackson learns things about her past, but he can't tell her it would be against professional ethics. Can this cause her to run the other way away from him? Get this great book and find out.

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