Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fired Up By: Mary Connealy

Fired Up
By: Mary Connealy

I really enjoyed this book by Mary Connealy.  It is hard to put down once you open it.  Story is about Glynna Greer who came west as a mail order bride with two children. First husband was a abusive man and she did no better with the second one.  Her husband is killed by the town Doctor Dare.  Dare  kinda has his eyes on her but her son Paul is very protective of his mom. He feels he can care for her  she doesn’t need a man. Paul doesn’t like the attention the doctor is giving his mom. There are attempts to kill Dare. His house is being burned down with him in stabbed in the back. Will he live? Who is doing this? Get this book you won’t be disappointed. Great adventure and twists.
Thanks to Fred St Laurent for this bookfun club and TBCN. Thanks to the publishers and the sponsors. Most of all thank you authors if not for you would not have anything to read.

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