Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Experiencing God’s Presence By: Linda Evans Shepherd

Experiencing God’s Presence
By: Linda Evans Shepherd

I really liked this book.  I believe it would make a wonderful study guide for a group study or one alone. I know it was a blessing to me. Linda is trying to show us how we can be better in our prayer life.  We  need to come to god boldly in our prayers and in our walk of life. We have not cause we ask not.  Hebrews 4: 16
The book is set up in 12 Experiences each has the experience , discussion , prayers and Question and answering section.  Linda is showing us how we need to be open to hear God. Are we listening to Him. I loved the part about blessings. She spoke of how people are hurt for being a Christian. Made fun of or sometimes even abused and killed for their belief. God will Bless you for all you do in His name.  So many ways in this book to enrich your prayer life I recommend it to all.

Thank you for the book review club. Thanks Fred St. Laurent for all the hard work you put in to the group. Thanks to the publishers and sponsors and to David Cook our sponsor. Thanks so much from the authors. I was given this book to review but for my own personal opinion.

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