Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Do No Harm by Kathi Macias

Do NO Harm by Kathi Macias

Rebekah Lansing was at the top of the world in love and plans of a wedding. Life was great.
Then there was the terrible accident. Her dreams came crashing down. Rebekah has loss all care in the world she has shut down her body and her mind. She had lost her love of her life now there was nothing her future gone.
The memories are there of when she met physician Richard Moore. While visiting her grandfather in the hospital and reading the Bible to him. . Feeling hungry she went to the cafeteria to get something to stop her growling stomach. He asked her to share a table. This was not the end of the meetings with Richard. Their relationship bosomed to love.
Where is her mother that's all she has left she needs her. She relies on her mother for everything. Now that she is a nursing home waiting to die. Rebekah has given up on life. In the accident her spine was severed. What would Robert want with her now. He could have a much better life with someone else.
What is God's plan for her now? Why is she still living. What purpose could God have for her now?
Voices woke her. Was a young lady talking to another lady. The lady was upset her mother was dying with cancer. The other lady was trying to encourage her there was still hope. Rebekah is thinking but God can cure her.
She has seen Richard walking and talking with another pretty woman. She is wondering if he is going to leave her for this other woman. The other woman kept pushing and trying to persuade him to leave Rebekah because she wanted him. I wonder what Richard will say? Will he give up on Rebekah move on to another life? What is God's calling for Rebekah's life? Read the story you will love it. What another great story by Kathi Macias.

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