Monday, July 8, 2013

Sheltering Arms by Joette Baldwin

Sheltering Arms
Joette Baldwin

The year is 1963. Taken place at a plantation in southern Virginia. Rose Hill seems run down. A walk down memory lane. Going back to the year of 1863. About Renee Chastain Harris living at Rose Hill plantation with her father during Civil war times. Hard time for Renee her husband Coleman and her son Burke have gone off to fight in the war. I can't imagine going to the depot and looking on a list to see if my husband and son were still alive. Coleman before he leaves plants a Magnolia tree on there property and tells her if anything happens to him to bury him under the tree his spirit would always be there. I really enjoyed the story. Does Renee lose her husband and son to the war? Get the story you will enjoy it.

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