Thursday, May 16, 2013

Olivia's Wedding .  I was  given this story to read for my honest review.
I liked the love story. Olivia a  young girl in love with a young man Daniel  that her father and mother doesn't like.  Daniel is a Irish immigrant who owns nothing. To her father he has nothing to provide for Olivia. Daniel is off fighting in the war. Olivia is home waiting for him to return.
  Olivia is so in love with this wedding dress that just seems to appear on her bed. Thinking her mother had made it she ran to ask her, but her mother tells her she did not. Her mother told her it must be a gift from Heaven. Olivia loves the dress  so much she wants to wear it when she dies.
 Cyrus (worker) and Patrick (Olivia's dad) are having a conversation about the loss of his wife's mother and how she had a wish her granddaughter would be married in a beautiful gown to a young man who adored her. So all of a sudden this dress appeared. Mrs. Thinks her husband bought it and Patrick thinks his wife made it. Both claim they didn't have anything to do with it.
 The soldiers are on their way to burn them out of their house.  Will Daniel and Olivia be reunited and marry.  There is a twist here I never even thought of while reading this. I loved it.  I love the story and feel it deserves a 5 star.

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