Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Lewis Legacy Series, "Awakening" and "Second Time Around" those 2 books was great. I fell in love with the characters.   We as Christians can fall or be pulled away but yet God forgives us and welcomes us back with open arms. I wish people in the world were like that. Some people won't let us forget our past. Then that's something they will have to deal with God. I love the lessons in the books. The continuing story and characters you fall in love with. The third in the series  "Twin Hearts" was a lot about the twins Josh and Rebecka. Josh from his pass sins getting right with God and finding his true love Winnie. Winnie has a surprise for him. Then there was his twin sister Rebecka who can't make up her mind which guy she wants. There's Adam the rich Brit who could give her the world or there is Kevin from Team Work Missions who she really cares for but not sure he feels the same. Lots of obstacles they need to conquer. Loved the story to find out what happens with each couple pick up a copy today. You won't regret it. I'm ready for Daydreaming!!!!!

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