Monday, April 1, 2013

Another great book by Carrie Daws. The lessons to learn in this book. Melody had a hard path to see where god wanted her. Her faith I believe was tested. Like most of us I think we put our faith in ourselves or other people or things. Where our faith should lie is with Jesus. Was a tearful story about loss but yet she found her true peace. Her husband David also had lessons to learn. Where did God truly want him? I love the families in this series and look forward to each book and the lesson there for us to learn. Carrie you do a wonderful job. Looking forward to your next book.If you haven't read this series I would recommend you do. Well worth your money and your time.


  1. Diana I have not read this but it sounds really good..

  2. You will love Carrie's books they will keep you wanting more.