Monday, April 1, 2013

5 Days to a clutter-Free House
I think I'm one of the people I get emotionally attached to things that have meaning to me. It is very hard for me to get rid of things I'm sentimental about. I don't really have a lot of storage space so I know I can't keep everything. The book talks of having people coming in and helping you go through things get about six box's and labeling them. Make sure one is trash. Have people you know will work and you can trust. I think it would drive me crazy. But a good ideal cause they see what you don't. The main goal  would be CLEAR THE SURFACES! I think a lot of peoples problem is it gets to the point it has overwhelmed them. Where do you begin. Get boxes and label them. Then when that is done you will have to go through every box to get rid of the boxes. The putting things down cause there is a clean space just put it away at that moment. Then you won't get the clutter. Over all I would say it is a pretty good book. There are a lot of pointers in it to help keep things on track.

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