Monday, June 5, 2017

Unraveled by Jo Huddleston

Alice loses herself in grief and can’t find her way back.

In 1954, twenty-six-year-old Alice Patterson undergoes a pregnancy loss that affects everything and everyone she touches. Emotionally and physically drained, she must come to terms with her traumatic loss or risk losing her husband, her best friend, and her sanity.

Her best friend JayNell and her husband Paul offer Alice support and comfort. She persists in her grieving, which hinders her healing. The doctor advises there is no normal recovery period for what Alice has undergone. Time is her best ally.

In her small southern Mississippi town, her church Sewing Circle’s new project triggers an unsettling setback to Alice’s recovery. Afterward, she succumbs to suspicions of Paul’s infidelity that causes her collapse, from which she may not recover.

Paul’s unspoken goal is that they will recapture the love they held for one another on their wedding day. He’s hopeful that the approaching spring season will bring a reawakening of the Alice he married, as it brings a newness to all living things.


An Amazon Bestselling author, Jo Huddleston writes sweet Southern historical romance novels in her West Virginia Mountains Series; her endearing Caney Creek Series; her standalone novel Tidewater Summer, and her novellas, Donna's Detour and With Good Intentions.

Jo's published nonfiction books are: Amen and Good Morning, God: A Book of Morning Prayers, Amen and Good Night, God: A Book of Evening Prayers, His Awesome Majesty: Praising God's Greatness, and America: Her Hope for the Future. She has coauthored two published nonfiction books with Vickie Phelps: Simply Christmas: Memories, Traditions, & Stories of the Season and Writing 101: A Handbook of Tips and Encouragement for Writers.

Jo likes to laugh with people but not AT people. The beach is her favorite vacation spot. Jo doesn't like to see or hear about people or animals being abused. She's a spectator fan of several sports, her favorite being tennis. Jo doesn't like being in the dark and is fearful of snakes!

Her more than 200 articles and short stories have appeared in over fifty different Christian and general publications, including Guideposts, Decision, and The Upper Room. Jo is a contributing writer to Christian Devotions Ministries (

She writes two blogs you can find at and at She also publishes a regular e-newsletter and wrote an inspirational newspaper column for seven years.

Jo's career spans a variety of work. She was a private secretary with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Atomic Energy Commission), a high school teacher and guidance counselor, a state political campaign secretary, two-time small business owner, and a real estate agent. 

Huddleston holds a B.A. degree with honors from Lincoln Memorial University (TN), and is a member of their Literary Hall of Fame. She earned a M.Ed. degree from Mississippi State University. Jo is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW).

Visit Jo's website at where you can read first chapters of her novels and novellas, learn about all her books, and sign up for her mailing list to receive her free quarterly e-newsletter as well as timely updates and announcements.

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My Review

Another great book by Jo Huddleston. I love her books always a greats story and can always take something from them for a life lesson.  Characters are well developed. I could relate to this story and the characters being i have loss a baby. In the story Alice has loss a baby and she spirals into  a depression over it. Emotionally  and physically drained she just can't cope. She is ruing her relationship with friends and her husband. She can't seem to get out of the grieving stage and move on with her life. Even to the point of wondering what is God doing? Her best friend tries to get her back involved with things at church with a sewing circle. But the next project is something to do with babies and that throws her off. Her husband doesn't know where to turn anymore and who he can talk too. He reaches out to her friend and  a busy body neighbors sees him at the house and starts gossip. Of all places she takes it to the church during the sewing group. Alice is so distraught with things in her life she thinks what the lady is saying is true.  Will she believe her friend and her husband? Or will this just be another thing to push her over the edge. Can she come back and move on with her life? A wonderful must read story. 

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