Monday, October 10, 2016

“A thousand obolos coins” By Farzana Aqib

" A Thousand Obolos Coins "

"A Thousand Obolos Coins" I found this book very entertaining not only as a great Historical book but also as a great suspense thriller. Very well written and thought out. While reading the book I could just picture the place and down to the clothing and jewelry  being worn in my mind. Very vivid. Trying to figure out who the killers are will keep you turning the pages. Different culture from the way I was bought up. The girls are promised in marriage not to who they choose to be with. I would think that would be difficult. Was very interesting to learn different  ways people in different countries live. The author kept it interesting all the way through to keep you turning pages. This is the first book I have read from Farzana Aqib, but look forward to future books. 

Farzana Aqib

Farzana Aqib grew up in Lahore Pakistan and was educated in Pakistan and Canada, She worked as a journalist with the leading Urdu and English news papers of Pakistan, she wrote award winning articles in the print media, and she was an interviewer of a famous television celebrity show. She worked for the human right commission of Pakistan as youth-leader and stage secretary, her first book of poetry was published in 2008, this is her first full length English novel. She is the wife of a famous sports celebrity, presently she is living in Dubai.

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